Doctor Who “The Brain Of Morbius Part 3”

The Doctor keeps splitting time between the Sisterhood and Solon’s fortress.  This planet needs more places to hang out.

See, the Doctor went to see the Sisterhood again because Solon said they have a cure for Sarah Jane’s blindness.  As it is, the Elixir of Life is both A) all used up and B) unnecessary because the blindness always wears off on its own.

That’s a relief.

Oh, but then they capture the Doctor again.

I am sensing a pattern.

Now, Sarah Jane is still (temporarily) blind, but good news there: she’s not stupid.  As Solon and the Morbius’ brain argue some more over when he’s getting a new body, she manages to slip out of the lab and lock the door behind her.  Not bad for a blind woman.

Of course, Solon has other problems.  See, Morbius is certain the Time Lords sent the Doctor to finish the execution he somehow avoided by being a brain in a jar.  Plus, that hook-handed assistant does recapture Sarah Jane, but he has a thing for her, so you know that won’t go well.

We haven’t seen someone fall gobsmackingly in love with one of the Doctor’s companions in a while.  I almost missed that trope.  OK, not really.

But it seems everyone is afraid of the Time Lords right now.  The Sisterhood believe they’re coming for the Elixir.  The Doctor keeps saying they aren’t.  Heck, he keeps saying the Elixir isn’t magical.  See, the Time Lords don’t want the Elixir except for emergency healing situations.  They believe immortality is dull and stifling.  There’s no growth if you live forever.  However, the Doctor does easily fix the Sisterhood’s Elixir problem by blowing the soot out of the eternal flame’s conduit.  The thing needed a good cleaning.

Then the Sisterhood knocks out the Doctor again to return to Solon.

Again, I am sensing a pattern.

By the by, I love the make-up on some of the Sisterhood.  It makes them look like their eyes are bulging in surprise.

But anyhoo, Solon has to murder Hook Hand when the servant stops listening.  During the scuffle, Morbius’ brain jar falls over, so, since he’s still lacking a new head, Solon has to use a dangerous artificial one.  Morbius insisted.  Sarah Jane is forced to pump the bellows.  Or something.  Point is, Morbius might be able to walk around again in a patchwork body.

After a bit, Solon goes to answer the doorbell as the Sisterhood drops off the Doctor.  And as Sarah Jane stumbles around in the basement, her eyesight returning, Morbius starts to stand up…

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