Doctor Who “The Brain Of Morbius Part 2”

On the planet Karn, there are apparently only two locations.  There’s the Sisterhood’s temple and Solon’s castle.

Neither seems all that friendly.

For example, the Sisterhood has the Doctor.  Knowing he is a Time Lord, they believe he’s out to steal what’s left of their Elixir of Life.  The Doctor realizes the real problem is scientific, and that’s why the Time Lords maybe sent him there.  The stuff just bubbles out of the ground or something.  That sure sounds like a scientific problem.  You know, if magic elixirs coming out of the ground is a scientific problem.  Too bad the Sisterhood decides the thing to do is sacrifice the Doctor to the eternal flame.  Or maybe a volcano.  Either would be bad.

For his part, the Doctor seems pretty bemused by the whole thing.  Then again, most things bemuse this Doctor.  That’s one of his many charms.

Fortunately, people want that to not happen to the Doctor.  Unfortunately, one of those people is Solon.  He tries to bargain for the Doctor’s life.  Or maybe his head.  At least the head.  Solon even offers his servant as a replacement because that’s always a fair trade.  I know I would find a hook-handed guy with a poor vocabulary a fair trade for a genius Time Lord.  Of course, the Sisterhood just say no.

Also fortunately, Sarah Jane followed Solon to the temple.  She does manage to free the Doctor in a clever disguise, and the two make a run for it.  But some beam of energy leaves her blind.  And even though he’s called “the Doctor,” that doesn’t mean he can fix her eyes.  He thinks it might be temporary anyway.

But Karn isn’t the sort of place you want to stumble around blind.  I mean, it might be better if you never see it at all, but here we are.  As such, the Doctor takes Sarah Jane to the one place where she might get medical help.

That would be Solon’s place.

Did the Doctor not notice how much Solon wanted just the Doctor’s head?

I guess not.

Of course, Solon has his own problems.  It turns out offering Hook Hand as a human sacrifice wasn’t something Hook Hand appreciates very much.  And then someone else yells stuff at Solon.  Could it be Morbius?

Who is Morbius?  Only the worst criminal in Time Lord history.  The Time Lords took that guy out.

Or not.

Ultimately, the Doctor leaves Sarah Jane alone so he can snoop around or something.  She stumbles off into a room where a brain in a jar starts yelling at her.

Is that supposed to be scary?  It didn’t seem scary.

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