Doctor Who “The Brain Of Morbius Part 1”

Well, here we are with a story that may as well be Space Frankenstein.  It’s as good an explanation for the weirdness of Doctor Who as any other.

Also, there seems to be witches involved.

Our story opens with a giant insect monster scurrying around.  There’s also some guy with a hook hand.  What should we make of this?  Well, Insect Man is the victim as Hook Hand stabs him in the back.  Then he lops off the bug’s head and takes it to his master.  Yes, we have to deal with Dr. Solon.  He’s, like, a legit mad scientist making a new body from the pieces of corpses.  The insect head isn’t the right fit.  Hook Hand gets no cookie.

Meanwhile, the TARDIS materializes nearby.  The Doctor thinks the Time Lords forced him to go somewhere else.  Sarah Jane wants to look around, but the Doctor is sulking.  He’ll just practice his yo-yo tricks thankyouverymuch.  But then Sarah Jane screams and he changes his mind.  She found a headless corpse.  Now the Doctor is interested in weird stuff on a weird planet.  Also, it starts to rain.

Simultaneously, a group of women called the Sisterhood of Karn have their own problems.  Their “elixir of life” is running out.  They have a deal going with the only race powerful enough to ignore their vast mental powers, and that race may try to take the remaining elixir.  And yes, that race would be the Time Lords.

By that point, the Doctor and Sarah Jane arrive at Solon’s castle.  Solon seems friendly enough.  He takes the travelers in, gives them food, shows them around a bit, and even realizes the Doctor himself is a Time Lord.  So, time for some wine.  Solon neglects to mention the wine is drugged because he is a poor host.

Around that time, the Sisterhood chant a bit and teleport the TARDIS to their living space.  Realizing it’s Time Lord tech, they figure an invasion or something is coming.  Time to chant some more.

So, how bad can this get for the Doctor and Sarah Jane?  Well, the Doctor recognizes a bust Solon made.  The head belonged to infamous Time Lord criminal Morbius.  But then the drugged wine kicks in and the Doctor kicks out.  Sarah Jane, showing some real smarts, opts to fake it.

Then again, Solon tells Hook Hand they may need to kill the woman, so maybe it isn’t as smart as it could be.  As for the Doctor, Solon wants his head.  He’s building a new body for Morbius, a fellow Solon thinks is just brilliant.

But then the Sisterhood teleport the Doctor away.  Sarah Jane, for her part, tries to rescue the Doctor from Solon’s castle.

Too bad she found a headless monster instead.

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