Geek Review: El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

What’s this?  A Sunday review?  I never do one of those!

Well, it is a holiday weekend for me, and that means a lot of trips to the movies, so tossing one out early is never a bad idea.

Besides, can anyone other than Watson resist more Breaking Bad?

I’m not sure how much I want to say about this movie knowing there are a lot of possible spoilers in any description.  Let’s just say that the story picks up not long after Aaron Paul’s Jesse Pinkman finally escaped Walter White.  However, there are plenty of other people looking for him.  The police for one.  Jesse, scarred both inside and out, just wants to get as far away from Albuquerque as he can.  He’d also like to do it as nonviolently as possible.

Jesse is deeply embroiled in the Albuquerque underworld.  You know he isn’t getting that last one.

So, what does a movie like this one set out to do?  Well, to put it bluntly, it finally gives Jesse agency.  From the minute Walter White came back into his life until the very last episode, Jesse wasn’t really in a position to make decisions of his own.  Other people used him in schemes of their own, and while some were more benevolent than others, he wasn’t really in any position to do anything of his own volition.  El Camino shows a Jesse who needs to make a plan to get away.  That’s it.  Is he able to do such a thing?

It helps that Aaron Paul is a strong actor who can carry a movie like this.  His Jesse shows a lot of different sides at different points.  He may have suffered quite a bit, but he also came out stronger in the end.  Despite appearances, he isn’t a stupid man.  And writer/director Vince Gilligan sure does toss out the curveballs.  Filled with some nice cameos, the movie acts a nice coda to Breaking Bad.  Was it necessary?  Maybe not, but it sure was good to see poor Jesse Pinkman maybe find a path out of his misery.

8 out of 10 offers of soup.

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