Doctor Who “The Android Invasion Part 3”

The Doctor got away from the fake Sarah Jane…for now.  But we’re only at the halfway point for the serial.  I’m sure someone will get captured again really soon.

I mean, Sarah Jane–the real one–is sorta free.  The Kraal have opted to keep her alive despite hating all humans.  Why?  Well, they need someone to test the human-killing virus they’ve made on.  That…makes sense.  Of course, the Kraal don’t want the Doctor around either.  That means there’s only one thing to do.

They’re going to blow up the village on the surface and eradicate everything, the Doctor included.  Plus, the Kraal do manage to subdue the Doctor, tying him to a lamppost to die.

Fortunately, the real Sarah Jane comes around to free him.  I think they’re taking turns rescuing each other.  Yeah, she had to use the sonic screwdriver because the vines didn’t cut with a regular knife, but the pair get to cover just in time.

And then the Kraal capture both of them again.

Now, there’s some sense that maybe the Kraal can use the Doctor, but then there’s Col. Crayford.  What does he get out of all this?  I mean, he is human.  Why help these Space Dicks commit genocide?

Well, it turns out, he doesn’t know about that part.  He went into space and got lost.  The Kraal found him and rescued him.  But the Kraal homeworld is too raadioactive, so they need a new place to go.  They decided on Earth.  Crayford believes the Kraal will use the androids to replace some world leaders peacefully then take over the Northern Hemisphere, leaving humanity the Southern Hemisphere.  Crayford will go on ahead in his own rocket with the androids in the storage bay.  He thinks the whole thing will be casualty-free.

The Doctor doesn’t believe that.  He believes Crayford was brainwashed.  And the Doctor is right.  They take the Doctor away to scan his brain for Time Lord knowledge while giving Sarah Jane some virus-water.

But it was the Doctor’s turn to save her, so he reminds her water is a great conductor.  Meaning she doesn’t drink it, but instead uses it to short out the door.  As such, she does manage to get the Doctor out of the brain scanner, and even though he’s a little out of it, they can still get to the rocket and hitch a ride back to Earth.

They had to get back to the TARDIS somehow.

So, this seems to be working.  Well, not quite.  The Doctor passes out just before he can safely stash Sarah Jane in a cocoon thingee, the G-Forces are crushing her as the rocket takes off…

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