Geek Review: Lucy In The Sky

I like Noah Hawley’s TV work.  I may be far behind on both Legion and his TV version of Fargo, but Hawley’s work has a distinct visual style that I really like.

And then I saw he wrote and directed a movie with Natalie Portman as a astronaut and his usual trippiness.  Could the movies suit him as well as the TV does?


Oh man, is this one a mess.

Portman stars as Lucy Cola, an astronaut who returns to Earth after an extended trip to space.  She has a harmless dork husband in the form of Drew (Dan Stevens), but something seems off in her.  Her view of the Earth has changed.  While before she might have found a sense of normalcy looking after her teenage niece or visiting her fiesty grandmother (Ellen Burstyn), now, well, something doesn’t fit.

Striking up a relationship with Lothario astronaut Mark (Jon Hamm) probably doesn’t help.  All Lucy really wants is to get back to space, and only people who have also been to space seem to understand that feeling.  But Lucy seems to be taking it further than most.  What did seeing the entire planet do to her mind?

That’s the question the movie may be trying to ask.  Hawley does have a lot of his TV visual flair, including changes to the aspect ratio, but the effect is one of style over substance.  Portman is OK, even if her accent seemed unnecessary.  But I don’t think there was enough story to the movie, and Hawley’s visual flairs tried to cover for that.  This movie just didn’t work.

6 out of 10 symbolic cocoons.

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