Geek Review: Brittany Runs A Marathon

Ever met someone who loves running?  I have.  I will admit it might be cool to run a marathon.  Then I remember I hate running.  Can I walk a marathon?

Eh, that’s neither here nor there.  There’s a new comedy out called Brittany Runs a Marathon.

Brittany Forgler (Jillian Bell) is something of a trainwreck.  Overweight, underemployed, and often drunk or stoned while out clubbing her best friend and roommate, she tries to get some Adderall from a doctor.  Said doctor suggests instead she lose some weight and try to live a healthier life.  Being broke, she decides to take up running since that’s basically free.

However, Brittany takes to running, and it really helps her in her general goals of losing weight and being healthier.  She makes some new, better friends and starts to turn her life around.

So, this movie was fine.  There were no real surprises in terms of story, but there is one thing worth checking out.  That would be the lead.  Bell is charming as the quirky Brittany, and much of the movie has less to do with her running a marathon so much as her learning to deal with other people.  She’s worth the price of admission by herself, but the rest of the movie is, well, fine.  It was a fine movie with a charming lead.  8 out of 10 fake British accents.

I realize this is a rather short review, but really, it’s a comedic character study about a twentysomething woman finally growing up and gaining some mature relationships for herself.  Get the right actors, and these things usually turn out OK.

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