Big Little Lies “She Knows”

So, let’s talk about mothers.  True, this show is all about a group of mothers.  But some of these mothers have mothers.  And that’s where things get a little complicated.

Specifically, let’s look at Mary Louise and Bonnie’s mother Elizabeth.  Elizabeth has a stroke or something while at a party.  I have more to say about that party.  But Bonnie has been hiding things from her mom.  Her mom might be psychic.  Her mom went down like a sack of potatoes and went directly to the hospital.  None of that is good for Bonnie’s well-being right now.

As for Mary-Louise, well, she keeps popping up places.  Like at a pumpkin-carving playdate where one of Celeste’s kids wants to send out a jack o’lantern with a knife sticking out of it.  There is nothing weird or disturbing about that at all.  Mary Louise is there to see her grandchildren, including Ziggy though Ziggy may not know that yet.  Oh, and Mary Louise is moving into Jane’s building.

Celeste doesn’t much care for that, and she actually slaps her mother-in-law.  Between that, bringing a bartender home for a one night stand, the pills, and other things, Mary Louise decides to sue for custody of her grandkids.  And her own lawyer looks like the kind of guy who might threaten to eat children, so there’s room to be worried.

But, you know, telling the truth always helps.  Jane tells her new boyfriend Corey about where Ziggy came from.  He takes it very well.  And Madeline seems to really trying to reconcile with Ed.

And then there’s Renata.

Renata always seems like she’s on a different show.  She is glorious.

Her response to the utter and ongoing humiliation her husband’s stupidity caused her is to throw her daughter Amabella a party.  It’s a birthday party despite the fact it is nowhere near the kid’s birthday.  And it’s…disco themed?

Eight year olds want that?

Why are all the parents here?

Including Bonnie’s?

In costume?

They look like they’re having more fun than the kids.

Seriously, who is this party for?

Well, I’m confused.  That must be why Elizabeth had that stroke.

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