Slightly Misplaced Comic Book Heroes Case File #241: Kid Devil

Well, I covered Blue Devil in all his ridiculous glory here last time.  Therefore, it only makes sense to use this space this week to cover his kid sidekick.

Yes, Blue Devil had a kid sidekick, originally named Kid Devil.

You can’t make this stuff up, folks.

Eddie Bloomberg was a gofer for his aunt Marla.  Marla was an agent and friend to Dan Cassidy.  When Dan became the superhero Blue Devil, Eddie decided he would be the Blue Devil’s sidekick. Because Eddie was actually good with electronics, he was able to put together a suit of his own.  Going as “Kid Devil,” he used his enhanced suit to fight evil alongside Blue Devil whether Blue Devil wanted him there or not.

Original recipe Kid Devil.

Now, I mentioned last week that over time Blue Devil got a lot more serious and joined the Justice League.  Eddie also got a bit more serious and joined the Teen Titans, the superhero team for sidekicks everywhere.  Except, by then, Eddie had, like Dan, made a deal with a demon for more demonic-style powers like fire breath and the like.

Extra crispy Kid Devil.

Despite appearances, Eddie was still basically a good kid during his Titans tenure.  The deal he made with Neron (or whoever) was he could keep his soul as long as he also kept his faith in Dan Cassidy.  Eddie never believed for a minute Dan could do anything to shake Eddie’s faith in him.  As long as that happened, Eddie could keep his soul.

Then Eddie learned Dan’s actions inadvertently led to Marla’s death.  Apparently, getting a close relative killed was one of Eddie’s berzerk buttons.  Without that faith in Dan, Eddie went bad.  Really bad.  Like, even relationships with female Titans Miss Martian and Ravager didn’t help.  He changed his name to Red Devil and started doing more demonic type things.

Like, when the Dark Side Club kidnapped young metahumans for gladiatorial combat, Eddie was one of them.  Did he need someone to push him to fight other teens?  Probably not as much as some others did.

On the other hand, Eddie has died twice.  And not in the usual superhero way.  During his Titans tenure, he gained and lost his powers and eventually died stopping a bad guy while the other Titans were stopping a prison riot.  More recently, Eddie was among those killed in the DC Heroes in Crisis mini-series.

Man, this all kinda sucks for what started off as a goofy character in a goofy book.  Maybe next time I can find somehow who basically always was the same guy.

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