Voltron: Legendary Defender “The Belly of the Weblum”

So, we now know Keith is at least part Galra.  Now much?  Even he doesn’t know.  You’d think he’d remember if one of his parents wasn’t human, so let’s at least say less than half.

But I’m no expert on fractions.

Anyway, there’s a plan to deal with Zarkon now.  The Blade of Marmora has one, but they need some items from around the universe.  That means the Paladins need to divide themselves into teams, pull everything together, and then BAM!

The plan involves putting a virus in Zarkon’s command ship, blasting it through a wormhole to far, far away to avoid collateral damage, and then I guess Voltron steps on him.

Well, works for me!

Plus, the Blade leader totally calls Allura out on her SPACE RACISM in a way that was subtle for a kid’s show.  Good for him.  Space racism sucks.

So, there’s a need for some crystals, and they only come from the inner guts of a giant thing called a Weblum.  Weblums, like, eat planets and stuff, and these crystals form in their third or fourth stomachs.  It’s a dangerous mission, and the only guide the two Paladins going down the guts of the Weblum have is a very old video Coran made on how to do it while he was still in college.

The video kinda skips around a bit.

But yeah, two Paladins are going:  Hunk and Keith.  Now, that’s an odd pairing.  Usually the show pairs either of them off with Lance.

So, yeah, they get the crystal.  There’s some stuff going on involving Keith finding and freeing a silent Galra pilot trapped in there, a fellow who starts off helpful before stealing some crystals for himself and fleeing.  Hunk uses the Yellow Lion to distract the Weblum from the outside.  It works.

But there’s something out there now:  how much do the others trust Keith right now?  Allura, space racist, seems distant to him, and he sees it.  Hunk, well, he still seems to think Keith is still Keith, but he keeps asking goofy, awkward questions.  The kind Keith can’t answer about his Galra ancestors.

So, that seems like something potentially fruitful going forward beyond the expected moment when Voltron steps on Zarkon or something.

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