YouTube Selection: A Whole Lotta Seconds Of Looney Tunes

I love Looney Tunes cartoons.  I’ve said so many times.

But then YouTube channel KaiserBeamz made something really cool with those old shorts.

Essentially, it’s just what the video’s title says.  The video uses one second from every Looney Tunes short over a forty year period of 1929 to 1969.  Fans can see a real evolution of the cartoons.  They start off looking like a Disney-esque knock-off, only extra violent.  Then they give way to what looks like pure anarchy.  As time passes, more familiar characters appear, and then towards the end we see the sad decline as the studio opted to majorly cut the animation budget.

In the meantime, enjoy a lot of explosions, celebrity impressions, crazy laughter, and Hitler abuse.  It’s amazing how many of these cartoons are recognizable with only a single second.

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