Swamp Thing “Drive All Night”

So, apparently, if Dan Cassidy tries to leave town, he bursts into blue flames.  No wonder he hates this town.

But really, let’s get some back story.  Sort of.  Alec and Abby both learn things about themselves and how they tie to the Swamp.  Alec’s is a bit simpler.  He meets…a fisherman!  Who isn’t scared of him!  And…

Wait, a fisherman?  In the swamp?  At night?  Who knows about the Green and why Swamp Thing can see ghosts?

Um, it’s the Phantom Stranger?

Yeah, it is.  If you were hoping for a guy in a fedora with a blue trench coat and a giant medallion around his neck, you are going to be sorely disappointed.

So, really, Alec’s lessons are simple.  There’s the Green, it gives him special powers and knowledge, and the Phantom Stranger likes to go fishing.

But what about Abby?  We learned back in the pilot she believes she killed her best friend Shawna Sunderland years ago.  How did that happen?  It might be good to know as Maria also sees Shawna’s ghost.  Plus, since Maria and Avery adopted Susie (Avery thought it would get him more of his wife’s money…he isn’t wrong), then a jealous ghost might possess poor Susie.

Did I say “jealous ghost”?  I meant “evil ghost”.  Whatever brought Shawna back lures Maria and Abby separately out to the swamp.  Out there, Maria tries to drown Abby, and maybe herself.  Fortunately, Swamp Thing shows up and rescues both women.  Also, Susie seems to be fine.

But because Alec can see the past through the trees, he can also show Abby what really happened to Shawna.  And that sentence is the best I can do to explain what happened next.

It turns out Abby didn’t kill anybody.  The two girls were hanging around an old bridge.  Shawna was adventurous, taunting Abby until Abby pushed Shawna into the river.  But Shawna didn’t die then.  Nope, she was fine.  Abby even jumped in after her.

But something else pulled Shawna under.  There is evil in the swamp, but we knew that already.

There’s evil outside the swamp too.  Jason Woodrue has more or less figured out Swamp Thing exists and tells Avery.  Avery knows a guy.  He wants the swamp creature captured alive for testing…

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