Good Omens “The Doomsday Option”

Sooner or later, everyone goes where they have to go.  It just so happens that on Good Omens, that’s an American airbase in England.

So, the end of the world may or may not happen there.

It’s not like getting there is easy anyway.  For starters, Aziraphale no longer has a body.  And Heaven’s quartermaster really wants that back.  Without a body, Aziraphale can’t go to Earth.  Sure, he could try possessing a human body, but that’s a demon thing.

He decides to do it anyway.  Crowley can see him, and hey, Crowley rescued one thing from Aziraphale’s burning book store:  Agnes Nutter’s prophecies.

So, that means Aziraphale knows where to find the Antichrist, and Crowley can look it up.  Plus, Crowley can drive.  You know, if only the M25 motorway didn’t spontaneous combust.  That was also Crowley’s doing at one time.  Bummer that.

Anyway, the Horsemen, now on motorcycles, meet up at a diner and head off on their trip.  Pollution, War, and Famine are all looking…less human.  Death is still Death.

Also, Adam Young stops being evil when he sees even Dog won’t follow him anymore.  Good for him.

After a point, most folks ask the same old man walking his dog for directions.  First, there’s the Horsemen.  Then there’s Adam and his friends.  Then there’s Crowley.  How did Crowley get through the hellfire without dying?  It did kill a superior of his when he drove through.

Well, see, Crowley has something most demons lack:  imagination.  So, he just believed really hard that his car would make it.  And sure enough, he makes it.

So do Anathema and Newton when he suggests just checking a random card and maybe not letting a long dead ancestor tell her what to do.

As for Aziraphale, he possesses Shadwell’s psychic fraud neighbor Madame Tracy, and she’s willing to help, so he gets them there as well.  How?  He uses a miracle.

So, one demon, one angel, one psychic fraud, a morphed Hellhound, three neighborhood kids, two witchfinders, a witch, and the Antichrist on one side.  On the other, the four Horsemen starting a nuclear war.  What happens next?

I dunno just yet.  But Adam did call the Horsemen out…

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