Stranger Things “The Battle Of Starcourt”

Aw man.  Just as I was really getting into the new season of Stranger Things, it comes to an end.  This stinks.

I hope it at least goes out well.

Wait, this is peak Stranger Thingsand we didn’t get some weird episode that mostly involved some characters that had next to no impact on the plot.  Instead, we get fireworks.

Literal fireworks.

Lucas grabbed a bunch for a reason.

Since this is the end, we should just note that, well, everything happens.  The Mind Flayer attacks the mall.  Eleven somehow burned her powers out.  The kids toss every firework they could at the Mind Flayer.  Hopper seems to sacrifice himself to close the gate to the Upside Down.  And in the end our plucky band of heroes save the day.  We get some last minute rescues, one caused by Steve hitting Billy with a car.  That was awesome.  Another was the fireworks.  And the show tries to rehabilitate Billy.

That was one of two things I don’t buy.  Billy was pretty awful from Day One.  He was an asshole.  I will accept Max has complicated feelings for her belligerent big step-brother, but don’t expect me to.  If anything, Billy saves the day by directing his asshole powers against the Mind Flayer rather than in its service.

The other thing I don’t buy is Hopper’s sacrifice.  I doubt he’s dead.  I’m not sure he’s the unnamed American at the end of the episode, but he’s not dead. He probably got into the Upside Down before the machine exploded.  The show went out of its way to make him the most dad-bodied bad ass on TV.  He’s not dead.

And hey, the Duffer Brothers took advantage of the fact that multiple young castmembers on this show have Broadway experience.  They get to sing.  That’s mostly between Dustin and his yeah-she’s-real girlfriend Susie.

She seems like a pip.

Wait until she somehow finds out about the Upside Down.  Because that is how this show goes for anyone except Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler.

But that’s it.  There was a lot of action, some good monster work, and a small time jump showing some progress as the Byers (and Eleven) move away from Hawkins.  Plus, it looks like the Mayor went to jail.  Good for him.

But now, after all that fun and adventure, I need a new Monday series.  And what better way to go from the emotional highs and all around fun of Stranger Things than to go to…the misery and depression of The Handmaid’s Tale…

Well, maybe this season we’ll see the Handmaids battle the Mind Flayer.  I’d be up for that!

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