Swamp Thing “Darkness On The Edge Of Town”

So, this particular episode had a pretty straight forward plot.  There’s some other stuff there about Dan Cassidy and the Sunderlands, but mostly, it comes down what people are afraid of.

Yeah, that is more or less what’s going on.  Sure, we get bits about Daniel wanting to leave town but can’t.  And the Sunderlands throw a big party for all the sick folks who seem to be getting better.  That ends when Avery and Maria opt to adopt little Susie.  Maria does it because she misses her dead daughter and all that stuff.  Avery because…um, he’s kinda evil.  I wouldn’t trust that guy.

See, it really says something when the plant monster in the swamp is more trustworthy than you are.  Or he is.  More like he is.

But no, the swamp brings bad things out in people.  A father and son go out in the swamp one night and find a corpse.  The father gets scratched and sees things.  Then he scratches his adult son.  Later, the son sees snakes until he first scratches Liz Tremayne’s father, and then when the guy jams his hand into the garbage disposal.

That is never a good idea unless you’re Ash Williams or something.

Now, from there, the old man sees the day masked intruders murdered his mother.  He scratches Sheriff Cable.

By this point, Alec has already told Abby she needs to bring whoever this stuff infects to the swamp for cleansing.  How does he know this stuff?  He just does.  And yes, that was her question.

Now, Sheriff Cable eventually sees her son Matt stabbed to death, and the only thing stopping her from doing bad things is she scratches Abby.  And Abby knows enough to go into the swamp for Alex to cleanse the whateveritis back into the corpse and bury it.

What did Abby see?  A shadowy man who lives in her dreams that may be her father, and definitely had bad plans for her.  I guess her dad is Freddy Kreuger?

About all I learned here is there’s something bad in the swamp.  Swamp Thing knows it.  Abby knows it.  I know it.  Yeah, Alec may say there’s something bad out there causing an imbalance, but that doesn’t change the fact that, you know, it would be better if everyone stayed out of the swamp.

But all the action is out there, so that ain’t happening.

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