Doctor Who “Robot Part 4”

I kinda feel sorry for the Brigadier in this episode.  He actually says maybe UNIT can save the days themselves this time.

They can’t.

OK, so, how do you get past an indestructible robot with a disintegrator?  Well, it helps if K1’s creator, Professor Kettlewell actually does not want to cause nuclear annihilation.  As such, he stops to help Harry and Sarah Jane escape.  Meanwhile, the Doctor asks the Brigadier to distract K1 while he sneaks inside to rescue the hostages.

And hey, that plan almost works.  What goes wrong?  K1 is now thinking he needs to kill Sarah Jane, and his blast takes out Kettlewell instead.  You think that guy had problems before?  Killing his own creator makes things worse.  Fortunately, he just collapses to the ground, and Sergeant Benton grabs the disintegrator.

Of course, the dicks inside have the computers set to cause nuclear annihilation within minutes.  Can anyone stop the computer?

Duh.  The Doctor can.  With, like, two seconds to spare.  Why do these dicks even bother trying?

So, that means everything is OK now, right?  Nope!  K1 wakes up and decides to finish the job, kidnapping Sarah Jane in the process.  And hitting him with the disintegrator only makes K1 bigger.  The Doctor thinks K1 has an Oedipus Complex, but I’m thinking it looks more like a King Kong Complex.  Plus, a giant robot is really straining the special effects budget to its absolute limit right about now.

You know what would help?  A random comment from Benton about Kettlewell making a virus that affects the living metal stuff he made K1 from.  And Bessie is parked nearby, so Harry and the Doctor rush off to make a virus to take down the giant robot.  That’s, like, a standard Tuesday for these people.

Anyway, it works.  Sarah Jane is rescued from a tall building.  We get to see the Doctor and Harry drive Bessie around a giant K1 dropping buckets on him.  Because all metal viruses are kept in buckets.  Since he’s sick now, K1 falls apart and is no more.  Sarah Jane is a bit sad over that.  K1 had potential.  And the Doctor agrees because it was almost human the way it was.  He also offers her a jellybaby and a ride in the TARDIS.

That would be about when Harry shows up to say a police box can’t go anywhere, so he steps inside too.  He sounds shocked.  And as the TARDIS disappears, the Brigadier walks in.  The Doctor didn’t want fancy dinners with various members of the government or to fill out lots of paperwork.  But the Brigadier does seem somewhat used to all this stuff by now.  Poor guy.  Maybe now he can save the day himself.

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