Doctor Who “Robot Part 3”

The Doctor in this initial serial seems to spend a lot of time unconscious.  I’ll bet he wishes he remembered all the kung fu he used to know.

Fortunately, he did have the foresight to leave a note.  That allowed Sarah Jane to find him.  And it helps that K1 remembers Sarah Jane and actually listens to her.  It doesn’t help that Sergeant Benton comes in after Sarah Jane and tries to shoot the robot.  Robots tend to lack internal organs.  Shooting them never works.  What it can do is bust out a wall and slowly waddle away from all the UNIT soldiers outside.

Also, Benton and Sarah Jane find Professor Kettlewell tied up in a cabinet.  So, he might be able to help especially while the Doctor is still out cold.

That leads Sarah Jane to ask the Professor to get her into the next meeting of the Scientific Reform Society.  You know, the scientists who want to run the world rationally.  The dicks.,

They even have fascist type uniforms for the security guys.

Of course, when the Doctor does wake up and learns where Sarah Jane went and with whom, that’s a problem.  Why?  Well, the Doctor knows only one person could have reprogrammed K1.  Plus, the Brigadier found out what K1 stole.  It’s just the sort of stuff that could set off a nuclear holocaust.

That can only mean one thing!  Blackmail!

Because if there’s one way to prove how rational you are, it’s by blackmailing the rest of the world.

By the by, the Doctor does eventually infiltrate the meeting, but by then, the dicks have discovered Sarah Jane in her hiding place, sicced K1 on the incoming UNIT personnel, and yes, Kettelwell is in on it.  It doesn’t take much effort for the dicks to escape with their new hostage because UNIT people can’t shoot to save their lives.

However, there is still hope!  Harry’s undercover at the Think Tank and he heard mention of a bunker!

Never mind.  He was caught and knocked out.  You know, that’s a change.  Since I know Harry is a new companion, it sure is a nice change of pace to see a male character become a hostage.

Granted, they still have Sarah Jane as a hostage.  But hey, progress!

But there’s some good news!  The Doctor and UNIT find the bunker.    Also, some bad news: the dicks inside gave the world a half hour to surrender, and they gave the robot a disintegrator.  K1 took out a UNIT solider and a toy tank that was probably supposed to be a real one.

So, nuclear holocaust or slavery to dicks, right?  That sounds bad.

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