Slightly Misplaced Comic Book Heroes Case File #238: Fire

Oh come on.  If I did Ice for last week, I’d have to do Fire this week.  It makes picking someone out easier.  I mean, I’ve done 238 of these.  Can you name 238 more or less forgotten or neglected comic book heroes?  It isn’t always easy.

But yeah, let’s look at Fire.

Beatriz da Costa originally went by the superhero name Green Fury or Green Flame.  Originally a high powered Brazilian businesswoman, exposure to mystical green flames gave her some mystical green flame powers.  She joined the international superhero team the Global Guardians and later the Justice League during the humor era.

Now, her powers were originally a little weird.  She could do some general magical stuff like cast illusions and change her eye color, but mostly she could breath green fire.  Oh, she could fly, but only by exhaling and using the flames like rocket exhaust.

Meaning she may have flown around by pumping green fire out of her nose.

It was that or her mouth.

How do you steer in a situation like that if you can’t see where you’re going?

Now, after a certain Crisis, Beatriz’ origin was changed a bit.  No longer a businesswoman, she was originally a model who eventually became a spy for her home country of Brazil.  And eventually someone realized nostril jet propulsion was no way to get around.  As such, when the Invasion happened, the Dominator’s Gene Bomb changed Bea’s powers.  From here, she could transform herself into a being of green fire.

That’s right.  She didn’t suddenly start burning.  She became fire.  Sometimes bad guys literally leaped through her because she wasn’t solid.  It also maybe made her vulnerable to snuffing, but there you have it.  She could fly, toss fireballs, and was hard to capture since she wasn’t solid when powered up.

Though it wasn’t impossible.

Now, I mentioned last week that Bea, now going by “Fire,” joined with her friend Ice.  The two were inseparable, both loyal to the League.  So loyal that Bea stayed on the team even after Tora died in the line of duty.  Bea only left the League when DC Comics changed the team concept to a Big Seven group.

And even then she didn’t go away.  Writer Greg Rucka, working on a series about spy organization Checkmate, put here there given her background in espionage.  Even with Ice temporarily dead–a comic book sentence if ever there is one–Fire stayed busy.  She even made a couple appearances in animated shows like Justice League Unlimited and Batman the Brave the Bold.  Sure, Ice appeared on those shows too, but Bea appeared a little more often.

And the Flash liked her a lot.

So, here we are, a hero who appeared, well, quite a bit.  Even the loss of her longtime partner didn’t stop the hot-tempered hero from popping up frequently.  What happened?

Well, the New 52 happened, and though Bea was on a Justice League International team, that book didn’t last all that long and she hasn’t been seen much since.

Yes, the New 52:  wiping away beloved characters left and right since its inception.

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