Doctor Who “Robot Part 1”

Well, there’s a new Doctor now.  Let’s see how he turns out.

We pick up right where the last episode ended, with a new Doctor regenerating from another fallen one.  And he seems a bit…disoriented.

Now, Tom Baker is the longest-running Doctor in the show’s history.  He played the role for seven years.  When people who’ve never really seen the show picture the Doctor, they probably picture Baker.  Baker had actually been working on a road crew when he got the job, and like the other Doctors before him, he probably made the role an idealized version of himself.

If so, he sure seems to be a very silly man.  The Brigadier and Sergeant Benton have seen this before.  They don’t bat an eyelash.  Sarah Jane?  She finds it all confusing.  The Brigadier does take a moment to call in UNIT’s top medical doctor, Lt. Harry Sullivan.  Harry spends most of the episode trying to keep an eye on the weird Doctor and keep him in sickbay.

He’s not very good at that.  All the Doctor wants to do is jump in the TARDIS and go wherever.   That’s when he isn’t looking somewhat horrified at his new face.  At least he thinks the nose is an improvement.  Plus, he needs to find the right outfit when he goes out into the field with the Brigaider and Harry.  That comes after he finally remembers the Brigadier’s name.  Sarah Jane’s too for that matter.

Why take the Doctor out?  Well, someone stole some weapons plans.  Whoever it was, they were strong enough to rip through gates, kill security guards with their bare hands that look like metal claws, and scare dogs away.  The Doctor thinks whoever it is isn’t human.  That would explain how the thief could tunnel underground without having to breathe.  Also, how said thief could weigh a quarter of a ton.

You know, that sounds like some kind of robot.  Because a robot could do that.  And it looked like a robot from the limited looks we got of it so far.

Anyone looking into robots?

Yes, Sarah Jane is.  Someone in the writing staff remembered she’s a journalist, and after getting a special pass from the Brigadier, she went for an interview at a special Think Tank.  They had some stuff under wraps in AI/robotics, and Sarah Jane’s interview with the former member who built the machines in there went OK.  OK in that he was cranky and said the people he used to work for weren’t smart enough to do that stuff on their own.

But when Sarah Jane goes back to the lab, she’s confronted by…a robot!  What a surprise!

Wait, what was this serial called again?

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