Good Omens “Hard Times”

Ever had that moment when you had to tell your bosses some kind of bad news and you don’t want to?  Aziraphale goes through that in this episode.

Fortunately, he doesn’t quite get it out.  Equally fortunately that other angels are kinda dumb.

To be fair, just about everyone in this series is kinda dumb.  It’s what makes this all so funny.

But here’s a better question:  are Crowley and Aziraphale friends?  Crowley would insist they were.  Aziraphale shakes at the thought.  Then again, this episode shows in flashbacks their entire various meetings over the centuries.  After the whole “Garden of Eden” thing where God asks Aziraphale where the flaming sword is (Aziraphale never quite answers), they keep running into each other.

They were there for Noah’s Ark.  It wasn’t quite global by a long shot and the unicorns got loose.  Plus, Crowley is a bit outraged to learn God will be drowning children.

They were there for the Crucifixion of Jesus.  Crowley thought He was a nice guy who didn’t deserve that.

They met in ancient Rome not long after that.

A chance meeting during the reign of King Arthur had one fomenting descent and the other fomenting peace.  I’ll let you figure out which is which.  They were both knights apparently.

Both attended Shakespeare’s opening of Hamlet.  It was a flop.  Aziraphale loved it.  Crowley preferred the funny ones.  But Aziraphale agreed to run an errand for Crowley, and Crowley said he’d use his power to make Hamlet a hit.  You know, despite preferring the funny ones.

Crowley saved Aziraphale from both the French Revolution and Nazi spies in World War II.  The latter was in a church, and as consecrated ground, it meant Crowley was dancing around like his feet were on fire.

He also keeps asking Aziraphale for some holy water.  That would do worse than kill Crowley, so Aziraphale keeps saying no…until the 1960s when Crowley is putting a gang together to steel some.  One of the thieves is young Witchfinder Sergeant Shadwell.

So, are these guys friends?  I think Crowley may be right on that one.  Then again, Crowley may actually be Not-Dumb on this show.  He certainly has all the best lines.

In other news, both the angel and the demon are using Shadwell for information.  Newton is about to go to Tadfield.  Anathema is missing her book, but she does explain to young Adam Young about leylines and the evils of nuclear power.  That night a nuclear reactor literally disappears.  And Dog the Hellhound keeps getting the “hell” burned out of him.  Things seem to be moving along apace.

And by that I mean Famine gets his scales.  He’s a nutritional expert whose many restaurants don’t actually sell “food”.  That…makes far too much sense actually.

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