Geek Review: Good Boys

Superbad may be a modern high school comedy classic.  Not only is it funny, but it actually digs into the heart of the friendship between two (three if you count McLovin) teenage boys.  The boys don’t just go out and do crazy stuff.  They also grow up a little in ways none of them really anticipated (again, except maybe McLovin).

Well, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg made that movie what it is, and now they’ve produced another one.  Except this time, the boys are in sixth grade with the new Good Boys.

The Bean Bag Boys gang o’ three are moving on to the sixth grade.  Max (Jacob Tremblay) has a thing for a classmate.  If any of these boys is the lead over the other two, it’s Max.  Now, Max has a chance to maybe get somewhere with his crush after the coolest kid in school invites Max to a party.  Max then gets further invitations for his two Bean Bag Boy pals Lucas (Keith L. Williams) and Thor (Brady Noon).

If Lucas and Thor were Max’s conscience in human form, Lucas would be the angel on one shoulder while Thor would be the devil on the other.  Lucas is incapable of lying or any sort of subterfuge and likes following rules.  Thor is a wannabe cool kid who will change his whole life to get out of an embarrassing schoolyard nickname.

This party could be the key to getting at least two of the three Bean Bag Boys ahead.  All they have to do is get there, and therein lies a series of problems.

It probably isn’t much of a surprise that this movie is basically a sixth grade Superbad.  The boys swear like metaphorical sailors and get into scrapes that kids their age should never get into.  They have only a partial understanding of the adult world, and the result is a pretty funny movie.  That said, Good Boys felt very much like a “fire and forget” kind of movie.  I liked it.  I laughed during it.  But I am not sure I will remember it much later.  It hits all the same notes as other movies of its type, especially Superbad, and while the cast is game and the jokes mostly work, this one won’t be an all-time comedy classic.  But you probably will have fun seeing it…unless you’re like the older couple at my screening who walked out twenty minutes in.  That’s a different story.

8 out of 10 backpacks full of things kids probably should have.

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