Swamp Thing “Worlds Apart”

I am something of a Swamp Thing fan.  I know the character’s basic deal.

But at this point in the story, he still doesn’t.

Yeah, there’s a lot of confusion in the swamp.  A certain Swamp Thing doesn’t know what to make of, well, himself. So, he tries to remove the plant matter around his head.  Of course, that plant matter is his head.  It doesn’t seem to hurt him too much.

But over in the hospital, little plague victim Susie Coyle does the exact same thing the Swamp Thing does.  You know, without removing plant matter.  She seems to have a connection to the green monster man.

As such, she escapes from the hospital.

However, we do get a little more information.  The ghost of Abby’s dead friend Shawna Sunderland is haunting her.  Shawna’s mother Maria can’t let the girl’s death go.  Sure, Madame Xanadu warns Maria to let that girl go, but Maria can’t.

And she seems to be sleeping in the same bed as the same ghost.

Oh, and Xanadu said something about the balance between light and dark turning.

Could that have something to do with Maria’s husband and eccentric plant scientist Jason Woodrue?  They have been doing something with that accelerant.  It seems the stuff should cause trees to grow faster, pulling water from the swamp.  That means more land to develop and maybe stuff from the trees.  It also sounds bad for the swamp.

But Alec Holland is still missing or dead.  Abby is still looking for him with her reporter friend Liz and her cop friend Matt.  They check Alec’s apartment, and landlord/local celebrity Daniel Cassidy hasn’t seen anything.  Abby only stops looking for Alec when she hears Susie is missing.

Where is Susie?  Hiding on a police boat, and when the cop running it is skewered by some creeps dumping accelerant in the swamp, she makes a run for it.  Matt and Abby show up in time to see the poor cop die.  Susie screams for help.  Abby goes after her…and so does the Swamp Thing.

Swamp Thing doesn’t really talk.  The creep stabs him a few times, but Swamp Thing also doesn’t bleed.  What does he do?  Use tree roots to rip the guy apart and make sure Abby got Susie.  Susie isn’t afraid of the Swamp Thing.

Why should she be?  As she explains to Abby after Swamp Thing wanders off, he’s just confused.  And his name is Alec…

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