Doctor Who “Planet Of The Spiders Part 3”

After a long chase sequence that took up most of episode two, Lupton just teleported away.  Could he have done that before?


However, such a move does exhaust Lupton’s giant invisible spider friend.  Said spider jumps off to have a look around.  Lupton knows a bit of what is coming.  The Spider Queen on Metebelis 3 wants Lupton to travel to Metebelis.  That will take some effort, and Lupton and the spider need some rest first.  Will Lupton be content to just be a guard or servant to the spiders?  Why would he?  He joined the meditation circle for power.

That seems counterproductive.

He did get it, of course.  Likewise, the spider soon discovers that even if she can hit Lupton with psychic pain, he can hit her right back.  She didn’t expect that.  The Two-Legs on her planet aren’t that strong.

Wait, there are more?

Now, the spider wants Lupton to tell the Doctor to go away or something.  The head of the center doesn’t believe anyone would cause trouble there, despite the best arguments otherwise from Captain Yates, Sarah Jane, and the Doctor.  I guess the Doctor forgave Yates.  That’s neither here nor there.  Lupton has the crystal, and he’ll soon be on Metebelis 3.  That is, until Tommy steals the crystal for himself.

Who’s Tommy?  He’s the simple-minded janitor.  Looks like he comes from a long line of village idiots.  He seems to collect shiny things, and he wants to give his most recent one to Sarah Jane.  She’s too busy following Lupton down to the basement.  As she sees him disappear, she steps forward to look around.  That wasn’t very helpful.  Tommy did bring Yates and the Doctor down there eventually, but they arrived just in time to see Sarah Jane disappear as well.

She soon finds herself on a greenscreened planet that looks like a lot of bright sky and desert.  I think I saw a cartoon roadrunner go by behind her.

Fortunately, she finds a human village.  Unfortunately, they think she’s a spy except for one guy who seems rebellious.  What’s the problem?  Spiders run the planet.  Also, don’t use the s-word (“spiders”).  As if to show how bad it is, a spider shows up with some human guards to punish the rebellious guy for his crimes.  During the commotion, the spider spots Sarah Jane and decides to take her away instead.

And then the Doctor shows up in the TARDIS.  He had programmed Metebelis 3 to be his one-stop go-to place for sure.  And the Doctor uses his martial arts skill as he always does:  to make goons and guards look bad.  Then one guard blasts the Doctor in the back with that lightning attack Lupton displayed before.  That puts the Doctor down.

Maybe they should lead off with that attack next time…

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