Doctor Who “Planet Of The Spiders Part 2”

Jon Pertwee loved all kinds of motor vehicles.  So, for his final serial, let’s get him a chase scene.

And what a chase scene it is.  It goes on for more than ten minutes.  These episodes only run about 25.  Half the runtime for this episode is a chase scene.  How did we get there?

Well, after Captain Yates helps Sarah Jane slip out a window to warn the Doctor and Brigadier, we learn a bit more about that giant spider.  After it appeared, it jumped onto Lupton’s back.  Then it disappeared.  Lupton can still hear it speaking to him.  He’s also got psychic powers.

And back at UNIT HQ, the Doctor tries to concentrate on the Metebelis crystal.  His machinery suggested Professor Clegg died picturing spiders.  When the Doctor focuses on the crystal, he sees an old mentor.  He’s so intent on his studies that Sarah Jane has to mention spiders twice to get his attention.

That would be about when Lupton shows up to steal the crystal because of course he does.  He can shoot energy stuff that apparently can kill anyone except a recognizable character.  Why?  Well, Sergeant Benton gets hit twice and it only winds him.  And even though Lupton can apparently teleport the crystal into his hand through a window, he still needs to go down to the top secret military base to get it.

And that leads to the chase, where Lupton only sometimes remembers he can blast people.  Lupton steals the Doctor’s hovercar.  The Brigadier, Sarah Jane, and Benton follow in Bessie.  The Doctor…gets a one-man helicopter.  At some point, Lupton gets the helicopter, and the Doctor shows his hovercar can fly.  By episode’s end, Lupton has a speed boat and the Doctor a hovercraft.  And when the Doctor finally jumps onto the boat…Lupton’s gone.

So, he can teleport too?

Is there anything spider’s can’t do?

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