Doctor Who “The Monster Of Peladon Part 6”

So, why are the people of Peladon so afraid of the ghost of Aggedor when Aggedor is clearly still alive?

I just don’t understand alien metaphysics.

Fortunately, the Doctor does understand alien technology.  As such, he uses the fake ghost of Aggedor to dispatch most of the Ice Warriors trying to cut into the refinery.  Gebek can now leave to rally the miners and soldiers still in the mines.  Oh, Eckersley and Azaxyr are gonna get it now!

Except…Eckersley still has some tech he can use from the communications room.  Remember the multi-colored swirl of death?  Well, only if you’ve seen the previous episodes of this serial.  He can use them from the communications room.  And guess where the “Ghost of Aggedor” can’t hit anything…

The Doctor laughs that stuff off.  He’ll send Sarah Jane to safety and continue to help the miners.

And that mostly works.  The miners and soldiers storm the palace, taking out the Ice Warriors.  They even subdue Azaxyr because of his one weakness–a sharp blade to the gut.  OK, his second weakness after extreme heat.  So, that wraps everything up, right?

Nope!  Eckersley is still loose.  Sure, he seems less inclined to hurt anybody, but he’s still a dirty traitor.  He gets away from Sarah Jane because she sees the Doctor looking dead on a control screen.  This is the second time this serial she thought he was dead.  He isn’t.  You’d think she’d know better by now.  He’s just in a meditative trance.

That snake Eckersley then takes the Queen hostage, knocking Alpha Centauri so hard he almost knocks the head off the giant penis costume that actor is wearing.

OK, so, can the Doctor, Gebek, and an angry mob rescue the Queen?  Eckersley escaped into the tunnels.  Even the miners don’t know everything down there.  But the Doctor has a plan!  OK, he always has a plan.  But his plans are good, so shut up.  He finds Eckersley and the Queen rather easily.  How?

He used Aggedor as a bloodhound.

Somehow, seeing the Doctor hold the guy in the Aggedor costume by the scruff of the costume’s neck reminded me of The Shining.

Anyway, the Queen escapes, the Aggedor attacks Eckersley, and Eckersley dies but takes the poor old Aggedor with him.  Eckersley is a dick.

So many dicks in this serial.  And the one that looked like one was mostly harmless.

Anyway, the Queen asks the Doctor to be her new Chancellor.  He declines but recommends Gebek.  Gebek did a good job, and even located the TARDIS.  The Doctor and Sarah Jane slip off as she teases him about his potential civil service career.  That ends only when he grabs her by the ear to get her back into the TARDIS.  That’s a bit of an asshole move, Doctor.

Next up, we have some giant spiders to end Jon Pertwee’s time on the show with one last six-parter.

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