Voltron: Legendary Defender “Greening The Cube”

OK, so, me being me, I see an episode title like this one and assume the episode is Pidge-centric.

I’m right, of course.  But then there’s the “cube” part.

While repairing the castle ship, the Paladins get a distress signal through some kind of snowball meteors.  There’s trouble on Olkar!  A planet of legendary engineers that Pidge would love to visit!  They got, like, shapeshifting cities and everything!

Oh, and they need help from the Galra.

Those guys are really getting on my last nerve, those interplanetary jerks.

But there is a bad side to this trip for Pidge.  The city is occupied, and the distress call came from the woods.  A whole lot of Olkari are there.  They do have some weapons.  Oh, and trees and plants morph to their touch to make technology.

OK, so, this seems fairly straight ahead.  Free the city, take out whatever weapon the Galra are building, be big heroes, move on to the next world.

Eh, but the Galra are holding the Olkari king hostage.

The long and the short of it is Pidge’s Green Lion has stealth abilities.  So, she drops Lance, Keith, Shiro, and Hunk off on the roof of the palace to free the king, but it turns out he’s actually a willing hostage.

He also sucks.

The king’s sidekick is sick of that stuff, so he helps the Paladins.  He doesn’t suck.

But now we have the big threat for the episode.  The mega-weapon the Galra are building!  That thing that no one can hope to stop!

It’s a flying cube.


OK, that sucks.

Granted, it’s a bigger, more hostile version of something Coran was playing with earlier.  This one absorbs energy and redirects it.  Also, there’s more than one.  Voltron splits into the Lions, and the Olkari tell Pidge she needs to bond with her Lion.

You know, more than she already has.

Do the others have to as well?  That’s a good question this episode doesn’t address.

Anyway, it turns out the Green Lion really is green.  It has a beam that makes cubes sprout tree roots.

And so, the day is saved!  Thanks to the Powerpuff Girls!  I mean the Paladins.  They can fly away and try to find out how the Galra can track them.

Or they can try to deal with the large Galra fleet that just appeared in front of them.

Eep.  Better bond with those Lions…

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