Doctor Who “The Monster Of Peladon Part 2”

I never did mention what’s wrong on Peladon this time.  The Galactic Federation is at war with Galaxy 5.  Peladon’s mining is important to the war effort.

Don’t think the Doctor didn’t see the strife in the mines as a coincidence.

Granted, he seems to be the only one who thinks that the sudden appearance of a killer Aggedor ghost isn’t a coincidence.  The real problem for the Doctor is he doesn’t seem to have any allies this time around.  True, the Queen seems to favor him and Alpha Centauri the alien dick is friendly, but everyone else might outnumber them.

However, the Doctor did save a miner’s life, and he’s a top dog in the mines.  That guy’s name is Gebek.  Because the Doctor saved his life, he decides to do the same for the Doctor using the forbidden tech.  Maybe I should write that as the forbidden tech!!!  It seems more ominous that way.  Gebek is just in time too.  The “Aggedor’s ghost” already killed the Queen’s champion, and the Doctor barely manages to jump out of the way through the hole Gebek built in time.  Gebek’s partner, Ettis, would rather just raid the Federation armory.  That is somewhat successful.  Ettis knocks out the engineer Eckersly and forces the dick to open the armory or else Sarah Jane gets it.  You know, the alien may look like a giant dick, but Ettis actually is one.

Who else is a dick?  Chancellor Orton.  He actually decides that since Sarah Jane was seen with the rebels, she must be one of them.  What a dick!

He doesn’t trust the Doctor either.

Sarah Jane does eventually get away from Ettis, but then she sees someone through an opaque window type thing.  Trying to get that person’s attention only results in the swirling colors of doom.  She’s lucky they don’t kill her with their multi-hued deadliness.  She not so lucky that Orton arrests her for siding with the wrong people.  Alpha Centauri does warn the Doctor.  He goes to get her.  He gets sentenced too.  The Queen arrives just in time to see the pair both get pushed into a pit.

And yes, there is a monster down there.  There’s always a monster.

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