Doctor Who “The Monster Of Peladon Part 1”

We’re back at Peladon?  Do we at least get that alien that looks like a giant dick back?  We do?  Fantastic!

Yes, we’re back at Peladon, and there are more problems.  The local miners won’t accept new ways of doing things, and they blame attempts to use high tech mining gadgets on the return of a highly unhappy Aggedor.  Or its ghost.  Whatever it is, it pops up and disintegrates people.  Miners on Peladon are a superstitious and cowardly lot, so they won’t go down there anymore, much to the general displeasure of all involved.  Can anyone help?

Hey, the TARDIS just materialized in another tunnel!  The Doctor can help!  I mean, he usually does.

It turns out the Doctor decided to visit his old pal the king, and he brought Sarah Jane alone with him.  Sure, his calculations are a bit off, but how can that go wrong?  Quite frankly, I think they should be happy any time the Doctor lands on the correct planet.

OK, so, the guards chase the Doctor and Sarah Jane a bit.

And then some guards arrest them.  The king can handle that, right?  Except, there isn’t a king anymore.

It’s his now-adult daughter, Queen Thalira.

The Doctor was off by about fifty years.

OK, good news there.  These people have heard of the Doctor.  And given it’s a queen instead of a king, there will be no awkward romantic subplot involving the companion.  That’s fine.  Sarah Jane doesn’t seem to be built for that sort of thing.

Yes, I know there could still be a romantic subplot between two women, but not in the early 70s. Sarah spends a lot of time getting mad in this episode because people keep saying she’s inconsequential.

Plus, the dick alien recognizes the Doctor.  And since this is Peladon and the chancelor is a traditionalist, I am sure he’s with the bad guys, whoever they are.  There’s some kind of miners strife.  Maybe they should form a labor union.  They might get paid that way.  Instead, the miners just yell about ghosts of sacred monsters killing people.  I know I hate when that happens.  The Doctor seems to spend a lot of time preventing guards from hurting miners.  Chancelor Orton thinks that suspicious.  The Doctor thinks that killing miners is bad politics.

As always, the Doctor is right.

However, as he’s inspecting the tunnels for clues, a miner blows himself up, sealing the Doctor and another guy in a cave.  And then the Aggedor’s ghost pops up to disintegrate the other guy.

On second thought, maybe a union wouldn’t be that helpful.  I’m not sure the power of collective bargaining helps against supernatural entities.


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