Doctor Who “Death To The Daleks Part 4”

You know, I’m not sure the Doctor actually did anything this time.

Seriously, as much as the Doctor stays active for this final episode of the serial, I don’t think anything he does actually saves the day.  Other people took care of that for him.

So, let’s see.  When last we saw him, he and Bellal were working their way through the shining city’s defenses.  Does the Doctor get past the patterned floor?  Yeah.  He plays hopscotch.  The two Daleks behind him roll right through.  He survives the insanity rooms, and even gets to the control room where a lone observer promptly disintegrates.

He must have been in that chair a very long time.

The only thing the Doctor can’t quite do is finish reprogramming the city before “antibodies” attack him and Bellal.  Fortunately, two trigger-happy Daleks are more than happy to take those things on.  The Daleks get themselves killed.  Because of course they do.

Who does save the day?  Well, Sarah Jane does pass along the Doctor’s message to the humans to be ready as soon as the energy beacon comes down.  Who brings that down?  The Daleks send two humans up there to do it, but the grumpy one figures they only need one of the bombs.

And yes, the Daleks weren’t looking to use the Parrinium to stop a plague.  They were going to use it to maybe start one.  Blackmail sucks.  They’re even going to bomb Exxilon after they take off to make the planet unsafe for anybody.

But then Grumpy Galloway used the other bomb to blow up himself and the Daleks.  And Sarah Jane and the the woman took the Parrinium and gave the Daleks bags of sand.

Daleks aren’t good at this stuff.

Point is, the Doctor looked clever, but everyone else saved the day.  He and Sarah can leave in the TARDIS now.

You know, that was the Third Doctor’s last Dalek story.  He only has two left.  What’s up next?

Oh.  Back to Peladon.  That was unexpected.

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