Slightly Misplaced Comic Book Heroes Case File #235: Maya

I use this space to discuss superheroes who may or may not have been seen in a while.  Sometimes the character has reappeared and I just didn’t know about it.  On some occasions, I’ll actually use this space for a character that may be returning after a long absence.  And then sometimes I will remember some character that really hasn’t been seen anywhere in a while and doesn’t seem likely to do so for one reason or another.

Take Maya for example.  I found a whole three pictures of her using Google Images.  That may make her even more obscure as a result.

To be fair, early 90s Justice League stories were pretty forgettable.

Maya was a teenage runaway looking for help from the Justice League Europe at a time when there was a big mess in Russia.  She’d fled her home country of India where she had some problems.  Maya, it seems, could conjure a bow of pure fire.  This sort of elemental power freaked her parents out, so they came to the only natural conclusion.  They gave her over to the cult they both belonged to for a period.

Of course the cult was evil.

See, the cult believed she was the incarnation of Shiva and the only thing to do then was a little human sacrifice or something.

Maya, real name Chandi Gupta, then made a run for England as one does.  And because this is comics, the teenage girl that needed help from the Justice League ended up helping them in a big crisis.  By then, she learned how to change from her street clothes to a more superhero-ish look using her fire powers.  No, I don’t get why that works either.  It’s magic.  Someone probably figures that means you don’t have to explain it.

So, anyway, Maya hung around for a while as the team changed its name from “Justice League Europe” to “Justice League International”.  They battled her cult a bit, and she even learned she had elemental powers over both fire and water.  That makes about as much sense as anything else involving Maya.  Eventually, after a battle with some early forerunners of the galactic threat the Overmaster, Maya went home to her parents.  They had similar powers.  I guess they couldn’t train her themselves before or something.

Dang.  The more I write, the less this character makes sense.

Anyway, she basically went away after that.  She may pop up here and there for backgrounds or Teen Titan membership consideration (she never got onto that team), but that’s about it.

Seriously, that was one forgettable Justice League era.

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