Doctor Who “Death To The Daleks Part 2”

Oh no!  The Daleks are set to execute the Doctor and his new friends on a planet that kills the power on all machines!

Wait a minute…

Yes, unsurprisingly, the Daleks’ weapons don’t work.  As such, they’re as helpless as the humans.  The Doctor sees this and makes a deal:  since both sides need the rare Parrinium, they’ll have to work together to get it to cure their own people.  And as much as the Daleks are untrustworthy balls of hate, creatures even members of the Earth expedition have reason to distrust, they are top-notch engineers.  Does the Doctor actually trust them?  Of course not.  But that doesn’t mean they can’t work together.

Case in point:  the Daleks privately confer and decide to hide the fact there’s more than four of them and why they really need the Parrinium.

And so, the group sets off again only to come under attack from the native Exxilons.  One human is killed by an arrow, and a Dalek runs into the crowd only to be beaten until he explodes.  What caused the explosion?  I don’t know.  It just happened.  Besides, the Exxilons captured the human commander and that got everyone to surrender and go down to Exxilon prison.  From there, the head Dalek asks to negotiate with the high priest.  The Doctor is less fortunate as he sees the Exxilons about to sacrifice Sarah Jane, so he tries to fight, like, 30 guys all at once.  He loses and they decide to sacrifice them too.  And when the human commander dies, he puts an old crank named Galloway in charge.  Galloway seems to trust the Daleks, none of whom seem inclined to rescue the Doctor because, well, he’s the Doctor.

Fortunately, something does save the Doctor.  Unfortunately, it’s more Daleks who retrofitted their casing units with conventional gunpowder-fueled guns.  Those work, and the Daleks quickly take control of the Exxilons.  Galloway also soon discovers the Daleks aren’t interested in sharing.  So, he’s not any better off than the natives.  As for the Doctor and Sarah Jane, they slip off into a side tunnel.  The Daleks really want him dead, too, so that won’t be too helpful.

Once they get but so far inside, the Doctor opts to leave Sarah Jane behind to scout on ahead.  Sarah Jane doesn’t like that, even after the Doctor points out that they got that far and it’s perfectly safe.  Granted, he doesn’t seem to know there are Daleks behind them, so it can’t be that safe, but here we are.  But then the episode ends with some other alien guy finding Sarah Jane and a giant worm finding the Doctor.  As such, I think they’re both still in deep, deep trouble.

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