Doctor Who “Invasion Of The Dinosaurs Part 5”

I mean, sure, it looks like the Doctor is the one bringing dinosaurs to the present, but I think we all know no one will fall for that.

Will Sarah Jane fall for her own trick?

Well, it wouldn’t be Doctor Who if the bad guys didn’t come up with so-so deceptions.  Then again, the Doctor didn’t notice Captain Yates was the one who fixed the broken stun gun a couple episodes ago.  Point is, General Finch orders the Brigadier to arrest the Doctor.  Yates seems to back it up, so the Doctor sure knows where Yates stands now.  The Brigadier is playing it close to the vest.  Sergeant Benton knows the Doctor is a good guy, so he arranges for the Doctor to fake an escape.  Later the Brigadier privately goes easy on Benton when Finch orders Benton’s arrest and court martial.  Instead, the Brigadier is getting the men of UNIT to find and help the Doctor from the looks of things.

The Brigadier would clean up at poker.

As for Sarah Jane, she figures out she couldn’t possibly have been in space for three months.  So, she shows one younger guy that is less of a judgmental dick than the other folks on the Council of Elders that the airlock doesn’t lead to explosive decompression.  Instead, Sarah Jane goes looking for more help as she sneaks around and goes to…General Finch.  And she is self-aware enough to know she’s bad at picking out potential allies.

At least Sir Grover tells her the actual plan because we only have one episode left. The Doctor avoiding armed patrols can’t make up all of the episode.  See, there’re too many people, so Grover and the others picked out some folks they really liked to survive the plan that will basically be them reversing time and causing everyone else to simply cease to exist.

Wait, that’s, like, eugenics on the largest scale possible.

These guys suck.

How much of the plan does Yates know anyway?  He’s one of the good guys.

At any rate, their plan is entering endgame, so that means…summoning more dinosaurs before the Doctor, UNIT, or whoever else is left can stop them.

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