Doom Patrol “Penultimate Patrol”

Well, the team had to confront Mr. Nobody sooner or later.

It goes the same way many of the things on this show go.

Alright, the foursome have Flex Mentallo and a plan to find the Chief.  First, they need to track down the Beardhunter.  He can point them in the right direction whether he wants to or not.  Then they go find the Chief and maybe take out Mr. Nobody.  Vic didn’t go, but he and his dad are having a much-needed heart-to-heart.

It turns out Silas did alter Vic’s memories a bit.  The accident that made Vic Cyborg didn’t kill Vic’s mom right away.  Silas only had enough tech to save one of them.  He chose Vic over his wife.

But hey, we also got a bit of Nobody’s backstory.  Back in the 40s, the Brotherhood of Evil actually fired him.  That never happened.  Usually they kill people who aren’t working out.  Instead, they fired him.  And then his girlfriend left him after calling him a “nobody”.

That’s kinda important.

Anyway, the team finds the Beardhunter living on Danny the Street.  Danny knows Flex, and he knows where the Chief is, but Nobody scares Danny.  That’s why he didn’t say something sooner.  Where’s the Chief?  In the White Space.  And yes, Flex can send them there.

What’s the White Space?  It’s where there’s no story.  It’s the space between panels.  All Flex has to do is flex the right muscles and if the team concentrates, they can go to the White Space.

Flex, however, is a bit of a practice and accidentally gives everyone around him…let’s just say they have a really good time and might need a smoke afterwards.  Even Danny.  But not Cliff.  Poor guy can’t.  Though he does try to fake one to fit in.  And yes, Jane calls him on it.

The second attempt works, but there’s a catch.  The foursome all wind up as their pre-accident selves.  And Mr. Nobody offers them all a chance to not have their accidents if they just give up on the Chief.

But it turns out Larry, Rita, and Cliff all think their better people because of their accidents.  Plus, it turns out Rita can also narrate events in the White Space.  So, maybe Mr. Nobody isn’t as powerful as he thinks he is.  As for Jane, she gets into an argument with herself, but ultimately she also shows up to help.  And they find the Chief.

So, will the Doom Patrol actually fight Mr. Nobody?

Well, um, no.  First he shows up in a human form. But he’s dressed like a dork in a pair of jodhpurs.  And we all know how people like Jimmy Impossible feel about jodhpurs.  So, he tries the fractured supervillain look, but Jane’s using her psychologist persona.  And she reads Nobody like a book.  What is he?  Someone with an inferiority complex who never got over his girlfriend leaving him.

Heck, now the heroes want to fight him even less.  Cliff even feels bad for him.

And that makes Mr. Nobody even angrier.

Which would be about when Vic shows up and vaporizes him.

Flash forward and we see the Doom Patrol doing superhero things, but they go off to fight a giant robot.  And it kills them.  And then the same thing happens again and again.  The only differences are how the robot kills the heroes.  Eventually, the Chief realizes it’s all a trick.  Yeah, it turns out Mr. Nobody was fine.  He was just posing as Cyborg.  And when Vic shows up, all Nobody can tell him to do is watch the next episode’s “previously on”.

But then comes Nobody’s most awful attack:  he gets the Chief to admit all those “accidents” that made the Doom Patrol what they are weren’t exactly accidents.

No, the Chief did it to them all on purpose…

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