Doctor Who “Invasion Of The Dinosaurs Part 4”

So, it looks like the Doctor has a flying car now because why wouldn’t he?

He’s going to need it, too.  He manages to follow a lead to an entrance to an underground complex where the villains for this episode, who are clearly up to something as-yet unknown, are doing things.  But Professor Whitaker notices someone on the elevator.  He and the other guy (Sir Grover’s driver obviously) arrange for a pterodactyl to try to kill the Doctor.  The Doctor fends it off with a mop.  Because you should never sic a dinosaur on someone standing close to a broom closet.

Now, the smarter thing to do would be to make sure there’s no evidence of anything after the Doctor leaves.  You know, so the Doctor will look a little foolish when he comes back with the Brigadier.  And that is what happens.  These guys may be a bit smarter than some of the less popular Doctor Who villains.

Then again, they also may not necessarily be evil since, yes, Captain Yates is still working for them and he objects to murder.  Wait, the other guys are fine with murder, so maybe they are evil.  Yates does say this to General Finch.  It looks like all the new authority figure characters are up to no good this time.  Usually it’s just one of them.

Speaking of nothing in the previous few paragraphs, Sarah Jane learns she has woken up after a three month voyage with a few hundred other environmentally-friendly types to a new planet where there would be only a primitive people and no pollution.  Since Sarah Jane didn’t exactly sign up for that, it does seem odd that three months have passed for just one regular character.  No one at UNIT knew about multiple spaceships taking off, something about this whole thing seems fishy.  As it is, the leaders of this expedition not only  want to guide the inhabitants not to pollute (OK so far), they also want to teach these people not to lie or be greedy.  Um, what?

Yes, Sarah Jane is on a voyage with a bunch of judgmental pricks,

They decide to re-educate Sarah Jane.  That means locking her in a room with nothing to do but watch anti-pollution videos,  That seems…rather tame actually.

But since the conspiracy is worried about the Doctor, they find a way of dealing with him by having Whitaker call the Doctor and pretend to be in danger.  When the Doctor arrives alone at the place to pick Whitaker up, they’ll frame the Doctor for the dinosaur attacks by having Finch conveniently walk in.

Do these guys really think the Brigadier will believe the Doctor is a baddie?  Because I sure don’t.

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