Doctor Who “Invasion Of The Dinosaurs Part 3”

Um, the Doctor did see that, right?

By “that,” I mean Captain Yates somehow knowing how to fix the Doctor’s stun gun to save him from the T-Rex.  As such, the Doctor got his captive dinosaur.  What does the Doctor want with it?  Well, he’s going to hold onto it until it goes back to its own time.  Then he will use the readings he gets to find the perpetrators of the dinosaur invasion.

Now, to Yates’ credit, it tries to argue with his co-conspirators that the Doctor didn’t have to die and might even make a good ally in the…whatever it is they are doing.  The others disagree, unsure what they would do if the Doctor turned their offer down.  But that dinosaur can’t stay there.

Back at the temporary HQ, the Doctor is looking to get some better equipment and asks if the TARDIS is back at UNIT’s permanent headquarters.  It is, so the Brigadier gives the Doctor a ride back.  That leaves Sarah Jane with General Finch, the Brigadier’s current superior officer.  He makes some suggestions for how Sarah Jane might be able to get permission to get some Tyrannosaurus photos.  She goes off, coming back later to get some close-ups.  But then the T-Rex wakes up, Sarah Jane is locked inside the warehouse with it, and she screams in horror as the thing breaks its chains.  Fortunately, the Doctor returns to get her out.  Even though the dinosaur bursts through the wall to the outside, it soon goes back to where it came from.

OK, so that means the Doctor got his readings, right?  Nope.  Not only did someone cut the chain links before the T-Rex woke up, but the scanners were broken.  There’s someone on the inside, and now would be a good time for the Doctor to point out how odd it was that Yates knew how to fix that stun gun…but he doesn’t.

Instead, he heads off to build a portable scanner, one that won’t work as well, but there is a consensus that Sergeant Benton needs to keep an eye on Sarah Jane.  Sarah Jane did know the name of one scientist, Whitaker, who had some time travel theories.  The men all dismiss the idea.  As such, she ditches Benton and goes off to see Sir Grover as the one man who might have an idea where Whitaker might be, especially since she has a theory of her own about a bomb shelter that may or may not exist and since the men decided to disregard her,

OK, so, Sir Grover is a new character.  He has authority.  He can easily find the plans Sarah Jane mentioned.  So, he’s obviously part of the bad guy’s scheme, right?  Right.

He knows where the shelter is, and he takes Sarah Jane to a room that knocks her out.  When she comes to, some guy welcomes her to the spaceship he says they are on to get away from a dying Earth.

Man, I hate when that happens.

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