Doctor Who “Invasion Of The Dinosaurs Part 2”

Well, that was unexpected.

What was unexpected?  Well, give me a minute.  See, the Doctor and Sarah Jane manage to escape the Tyrannosaurus Rex which looked much better in black and white and didn’t look that good to begin with.  After a scuffle with a medieval peasant who just disappears, the Doctor ends up almost karate chopping the Brigadier.  That’s thanks for coming to get the guy out of the hot zone…

As it is, the Doctor figures there’s someone working to do whatever it is that is happening, something that is meant to be done in a deserted city.  To figure out what, he needs to capture a dinosaur before they also disappear as they are wont to do.  If he can stun one and hold it, he can see what’s making them come forwards or backwards in time.  Then he can track the whatever is causing it to its source.

So, the Doctor starts to build a stun gun, but, like, everyone keeps interrupted him.  The only one he’s glad to see is an MP named Sir Charles Grover who wrote a book about how bad pollution is.

Well, what was unexpected?  OK, see, there are some scientists doing…something.  They’re clearly the bad guys here, and they have someone helping them from inside UNIT:  Captain Yates.

See, that was unexpected.  Yates won’t hurt anybody, but he knows if the Doctor captures a dinosaur, things will be bad.  So, Yates can just sabotage the stun gun since the Doctor will only go after a herbivore just in case.

And that’s the plan that almost happens.  The Doctor does try to use the sabotaged stun gun on a herbivore, but the Apatosaurus disappears before he can do anything.  Then a T-Rex shows up, and the Doctor’s stun gun isn’t working…

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