Doctor Who “The Time Warrior Part 4”

Well, here we are at the end of this serial.  Will Irongron do something awesomely stupid yet again?

Of course he will!

But first, someone has to save the Doctor from Linx’s ray-gun.  Sarah Jane tries but gets pushed away.  The Doctor then points out the Sontaran weakness of a valve in the back of the neck used for bringing in needed nutrients.  And daffy professor guy hits Linx there, stunning the Sontaran long enough for the Doctor to simply hogtie him.  Yes, Sontarans are strong, but it’s a load-baring weight.  Ropes can hold them.

Now it’s up to the Doctor to save all the revived scientists.  He shows daffy doc a time machine, puts on Linx’s helmet to fool some of Irongron’s men, and even dons the suit of armor to pretend to be the robot knight.  Meanwhile, Sarah Jane slips off to the kitchen to drug Irongron and his men’s food.  That works eventually.  First she fails to start a feminist revolution several centuries early, but then she just points and says, “Look!  A spider!”

So, to review, when feminism doesn’t work, sexist stereotypes do.

So, the Doctor and Sarah Jane meet up in a corridor and make a run for it, leaving daffy doc to try and figure out the time machine.  First, he and the other scientists have to pretend to still be mind controlled when Irongron unties Linx.

Fortunately, the doped food starts to put all of Irongron’s men to sleep, allowing the Doctor and Sarah Jane (with Hal the archer) to come back and make one last attempt to help everybody.  The scientists are sent home one at a time, but it looks like Linx’s ship is repaired and he can take off at any time.  True, doing so would probably destroy the castle and kill anyone in it, but that’s not Linx’s problem.  Once again, the Doctor tries reasoning with him, and once again, Linx just starts shooting.

And then Irongron, half-drugged, comes rushing in because he believes Linx is the one who drugged him.  Linx just shoots him, but that was an awesomely stupid way to die.

RIP Irongron

From here, Linx opts to just fly away, but then Hal the archer shoots Linx in his own weakspot in the back of his head, forcing the ship to try to take off before it was completely ready.  The Doctor, Sarah Jane, and Hal rush around, waking up Irongron’s men so they don’t die when the castle explodes, and Bloodaxe the henchman proves he’s actually good at getting sleepy men outside.

Did anyone check on the kitchen wenches?  I guess they all went home or something.

As it is, everyone that isn’t Irongron gets out of the castle alive, but Irongron was already dead, so that just makes sense.  As the Doctor and Sarah Jane return to the nearby TARDIS, Hal thinks the Doctor might really be a magician.  The Doctor denies it.  Sarah Jane isn’t so sure.  And we’re back to the 1970s I am sure next time.

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