Merlin “The Sword In The Stone Part 2”

So, the end of series/season four gives us a sword, a stone, a wedding, and Morgana’s Irish brogue (that only comes out when she’s being really evil).

But I don’t much want to talk about that.

Instead, let’s talk about Morgana.

See, much of what I’ve seen in Merlin seems to say that Morgana is evil because…well, just because.  Yes, she feels Uther robbed her, and she acknowledges that Uther probably would have executed her for having magic.  But seriously, she has no claim to the throne.

I will repeat that.








Seriously.  Morgana is the illegitimate daughter of the king.  No one knew that for years.  If this were even approaching a realistic Medieval setting, not only would it be unlikely a woman would take the throne, but it would be even less likely it would be a bastard daughter.

So, after the Great Dragon pulls a Game of Thrones, after Merlin kills Agravaine, after Arthur rallies the people led back to him by Leon and Percival to fight back, and after Tristan and Isolde opt to fight for a king they actually like (monarchy trumps political anarchy once again), something happens.  Arthur actually stops to ask Morgana why she’s doing this.

That’s a really good question.  Arthur even points out that he and Morgana were friends.

She says something about  Uther killing magic people, and Arthur is no different.

Um, no.   Arthur actually feels bad about some of his actions and has already made changes.

And then Arthur points out that Morgana is lot like Uther too.

Um, yeah.  She is.  She totally is.

And while we’re at it, Gwen (fighting with Arthur’s army because reasons) also asks Morgana why.  And Morgana has no good answer.  Sure, she says it’s because Gwen will get what Morgana feels she personally deserves more than Gwen does, but even Morgana seems like she doesn’t want to actually do that.

See, as much as Merlin has gained some maturity over this fourth series of episodes, Morgana’s been evil because she’s evil.  She wasn’t always that way.  It just…happened.

And somehow, I think the show kinda proved that without trying.

So, after Gwaine and Elyan get out, Gaius revived, and Morgana’s forces taken care of, we do have one last twist.  Isolde dies from an errant stabwound saving the young king.  Why not?  She didn’t seem to believe much in armor since she was probably wearing as little as a family friendly series like this will allow a woman to wear.  Quite frankly, I’m surprised she could move given how tight it looked in places.

That death actually prompts Arthur and Gwen to make up after seeing Tristan mourn his lover (and not, as I first thought last episode, his daughter).  So, we get a wedding.

Oh, and baby dragon Aithusa heals Morgana in the woods.

On to the final batch of episodes!

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