Doctor Who “The Time Warrior Part 1”

Well, here we are with a couple of debuts.  The first goes to popular classic Who companion Sarah Jane Smith.  The second, well, that would be telling.

The second would be the Sontarans.  And, I will say, that is an impressive mask that actor is wearing.

So, we begin in Medieval England.  A bandit named Irongron, along with his associates and a sidekick named Bloodaxe, are having a tough time of it.  They managed to capture a castle, but the food’s gone bad and the wine isn’t much better.  As luck would have it, a UFO lands nearby and a short, stocky alien in a giant helmet comes out, claiming the planet in the name of the Sontaran Empire.  Irongron then manages to get the alien to give the bandit better weapons and science.  And that’s where our troubles begin.

And by that, I don’t mean how the neighboring nobleman is one Edward of Wessex.  Because, you know, Wessex’s royal strife is where all the dullest scenes on Vikings takes place.  Lord Edward does send a spy into Irongron’s territory.  But Irongron’s people capture that goober and the Sontaran Linx might have some special interrogation techniques he can use on that poor fellow.

No, the troubles really begin in the present day, or more accurately the early 70s when this episode as originally filmed.  A number of top scientists have been disappearing, and UNIT is on the case.  The Brigadier has the Doctor staying with one or two of the scientists that haven’t disappeared yet.  One, a Ms. Smith, seems a bit young, particularly when the Doctor explains she would have had to have written that impressive paper she wrote when she was about 12.  It turns out the young woman is Sarah Jane Smith, the other Ms. Smith is her auntie who’s off in America somewhere, and Sarah Jane opted to take her aunt’s place because Sarah Jane is a journalist looking for a good story.  She also will not make coffee for the Doctor.

As it is, the other scientist staying with them also disappears.  The Doctor, however, got some readings and can follow in the TARDIS to Medieval England.  Sarah Jane managed to sneak on board before it left, and once in the past, she’s off on her own.

And then we see Linx take his helmet off.  And that big bulky helmet is actually the same shape as his actual head.

See, I told you it was an impressive mask.

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