Doctor Who “The Green Death Part 5”

OK, so, when we left off, explosives are going to blow Jo to bits and the Doctor was meeting the boss.

That sounds about right.

And it’s actually the BOSS for Biomorphic Organisational Systems Supervisor.  Clearly BOSS is one of those acronyms someone made up that sounds like they were trying a wee bit too hard to make something match the word they wanted.  Yes, it’s a computer.  No, the Doctor doesn’t respect any machin.  Even a megalomaniac using logic to maximize Global Chemicals corporate profit by working with a subdued human mind (Stevens).  To be fair, those are the worst kinds of machines.

So yes, BOSS tries to brainwash the Doctor.  No, it doesn’t work.  He just calculates Pi to himself and asks the same sort of logic-trap based questions I saw Captain Kirk use once on Star Trek.  And since Kirk came first, I think the Third Doctor might be a Trekkie.

Point is, BOSS tells Stevens to lock the Doctor away.  Fortunately, Yates is still there undercover and able to get the Doctor out.  Unfortunately, BOSS’s people captured Yates during the Doctor’s escape.

But what about Jo someone presumably asked?  That would assume someone actually reads these things.

Oh, she’s fine.  Sure, the Brigadier decided to drop grenades from a helicopter onto the giant maggots, but Professor Jones spotted her and rushed out to hustle her into a cave, surrounded by maggots and explosions (AKA, the worst kind of first date because these two are clearly besotted as all men seem to be with Jo only this time it’s mutual), and a hit to the head knocks out Jones.

Fortunately, Jo gets the radio working long enough to get through to UNIT just as the Doctor is showing up.  The Doctor is, of course, completely unsurprised that yet another of the Brigadier’s “blow everything up” plans failed to work.  Since he’s the most competent person working even alongside UNIT, he and Benton are able to drive Bessie through the maggots to the cave Jo and Jones are hiding in.  Then he rescues them because it looks like the Doctor turned his sonic screwdriver into an airhorn to scare the maggots away.  Sadly, Jones not only doesn’t wake up, but he seems to have been infected with the Green Death.

Oh, and then Yates returns to try and kill the Doctor since BOSS brainwashed him as well.  But remember, the Doctor finally got to that planet he was trying to visit for so long.  Sure Metebelis 3 looked like an unfriendly hellhole, largely because it is, but there was one good thing from that trip.  The Doctor got a small crystal there that he uses to snap Yates out of his trance.  Also, he accidentally puts the Brigadier into one.  Because it was theoretically funny when the Doctor did that to Jo that one time.

Of course, no one knows Yates is no longer a slave back at Global Chemical, so he goes back as a spy armed with the Doctor’s crystal.  Too bad it doesn’t work there because BOSS is a lot more omnipresent, and BOSS captures Yates again.

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