Slightly Misplaced Comic Book Heroes Case File #232: Jade

I mentioned last week that there were two sets of Roses and Thorns.  The first was a Golden Age villain who married original Green Lantern Alan Scott.  The pair had a set of twins, and Rose decided to give the babies away in case she turned evil again.

So, let’s look at the girl twin in the pair with Jade.

Jade was one Jenny-Lynn Hayden.  Different parents adopted Jenny -Lynn and her brother Todd (AKA Obsidian), but the two eventually found each other.  Realizing they both had powers, they decided to join the Justice Society with their biological dad.  This was Earth-2 after all.  However, Jenny-Lynn, Todd, and a group of other second generation heroes were told they were too young.  As such, they formed their own superhero team Infinity Inc.  Jenny-Lynn took the codename “Jade” because, well, she was green.

I’m actually not sure how green she was.  I had a set of DC Comics trading cards back in the day, and I could have sworn her card said her skin tone came from her superpowers.  If she didn’t have her powers, she would have had a more normal skin tone.  But she did have powers.  And somehow it seems the green skin led her to successfully take up modeling.

Wait, a green woman named Jennifer?  That sounds familiar for some reason.

As for her powers, Jade inherited her father’s powers.  True, Alan Scott was a Green Lantern who probably didn’t really have powers.  But Alan’s ring came from something called the Starheart which kinda worked like a Green Lantern Corps’ ring except the weakness was to wood instead of a primary color.  As for Jade, she could manifest the energy out of a spot on one of her palms.  Said energy worked exactly like her dad’s, letting her fly and make constructs.  She may have also had some plant-based powers like her mom.

Anyway, Jade was a member in good standing in Infinity Inc, even after a certain Crisis merged the worlds.  Jade would eventually move in as a roommate for Green Lantern Kyle Rayner, and eventually those two would start dating.  Personally, I was never a huge fan of Jade as Kyle’s girlfriend.  At the time, it felt forced, and I preferred the more tentative and slow romancer with Donna Troy.  But this column isn’t about Donna or Kyle, so we’ll skip on to the next part.

Now, near as I can make out, most recent Jade stories tend to involve the Starheart.  Unlike what the Oan Green Lanterns use, the Starheart is both magical and alive.  Different periods seem to show the Starheart either trying to control Alan or Jade, or maybe it just stops working.  When Jade lost her powers for a period, Kyle gave her a Green Lantern ring like his own.

But when I did my customary research into the character (i.e. I read the Wikipedia entry), what jumped out to me the most was how much of a mess Jade is now.  She died in Infinite Crisis, returned to life in Blackest Night after a stint as a Black Lantern, joined the Justice League, and even merged with her brother in a way that is nothing like the sibling merging of Game of Thrones.  

Sometimes comics are weird.

That’s actually one of the things I like about them.

Now, you’d think a somewhat prominent hero like Jade would still be around these days.  But she’s appearing in this column, so you’d be wrong.  The New 52 brought back the Multiverse and set the Justice Society back on an Earth-2.  And the JSA were younger there, too young to have adult children.

That means for the time being, Jade and Obsidian basically ceased to exist.

And she maybe didn’t take it well.

It’s probably worth noting the new Alan Scott on that Earth-2 was also gay to make up a little for Obsidian’s loss.  What was Obsidian’s story?  Check back here next time and find out.

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