Doctor Who “The Green Death Part 3”

Well, being buried alive in a mine shaft full of giant maggots can be a bit of a problem if you aren’t the Doctor.

Fortunately, the Doctor is down there with Jo, so she probably isn’t doomed.

Indeed she isn’t.  If they can’t go back, the Doctor figures they can go through.  And that means making a boat out of a mine cart to get through the deadly slime and the giant maggots that Jo finds too disgusting to look at.  Then they can climb out of the mine through a pipe to Global Chemicals.  Plus, the Doctor did find a giant egg on his way out.

That would be problematic since a poor man named Fell runs the system down there.  The computer brainwashed poor Fell to only do his job.  Fell has a friend named Elgin who sees what’s going on.  And he even manages to convince Fell to be himself long enough to let Jo and the Doctor out of the pipe.  Then Fell walks off to the confusion of Elgin and everyone else.

Now, as for the Brigadier, he’s kinda mad about all this stuff.  He tries to assert his authority as head of UNIT to investigate the thing, but Stevens just calls a minister to get the Brigadier to back off.  That minister hands the phone off to someone else.  Yes, the minister puts the Prime Minister on the phone to talk to the Brigadier personally.  Stevens isn’t done yet, though.  His mystery boss has Fell brought in for more programming.  Only since Fell didn’t work out, it’s for a self-destruct.  That means Fell walks right past Elgin, the Doctor, and Jo to jump off a high balcony to his death.

So, after Fell took a fall (sorry not sorry), that means everyone will be somber mood for some quiet reflection after watching a man die, right?  Nope!  We immediately cut to a scene where everyone is chilling out at Professor Jones’ house, and the fungus meal even impresses the Brigadier because he didn’t know it wasn’t meat.  The only thing to dampen the mood is news Jo’s miner friend Bert died, causing both Jones and the Doctor to offer Jo some comfort.

Yeah, it’s clearly going in a certain direction.

But hey, UNIT personnel are on their way to investigate under the auspices of the Brigadier.  They do have that giant egg for further study even if authority figures cut off them from the maggots.

But then again, eggs do hatch.

And when this one does, the maggot is in a room alone with Jo…

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