Doctor Who “The Green Death Part 2”

You know, maybe this Welsh mine would do better if they sent down more than one miner at a time.

Just sayin’.

But first, Jo and a friendly miner named Bert could be hitting the ground level in that elevator if the Doctor, the Brigadier, and that guy who pulls the lever can’t stop the cart.  Fortunately, the Doctor can.  Unfortunately, he does so in such a way that badly damages the elevator, and they’d need to get some cutting equipment to free the debris enough for a rescue party to go get Jo and Bert.  Professor Jones shows up, and the Doctor is rather impressed by the young man’s writing despite the age…of humanity, not Jones.

Is that a dick thing to say?  It sounds like a dick thing to say.

Now, the chemical company should have cutting equipment, and despite the Doctor kung fuing his way into the plant, Stevens, who takes orders from a voice over the computer, wasn’t lying about the lack of cutting equipment.

Of course, there’s some kind of weird assimilation going on with people at that plant…

Fortunately, the Brigadier lucked into some cutting equipment.  The elevator is free, the Doctor and some miners go down, and while all this was happening, Jo and Bert went looking even deeper into the mine.  And sure enough, they found a glowing green substance.  Jo tells Bert not to touch it.  Bert touches it.  He’s probably dead.  Jo goes on.

The Doctor later comes along with another guy, and that guy also wants to touch the glowing green stuff.  But when the Doctor tells people not to touch glowing green stuff, they actually listen.

The Doctor goes on ahead, finds Jo, and finds something else:  giant maggots.

And then there’s a cave-in, trapping the two with some, I guess, angry maggots.

Lousy maggots…

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