Comic Review: Avengers Volume 3

Jason Aaron is generally a reliable writer.  I like a lot of his work, and so far, I’ve liked his Avengers run.

So, hey, I got the third volume of said Avengers run!  How was this book, subtitled War of the Vampires?

The previous volume ended with the Avengers recruiting a new member:  Blade.  That recruitment comes at a great time because, quite frankly, he’s just the guy you need when a vampire civil war breaks out.

Yes, a vampire civil war.  Lord of the Vampires Dracula appears to be dying of old age, and wannabe rebels decide that is the right time to strike.  Destroying Dracula’s castle is only the beginning.  And while Dracula seeks asylum from the Russian government and the Winter Guard, the Avengers are battling around the world as vampires pop up seemingly everywhere.  Reaction to the uprising isn’t united.  Black Panther wants to cure them if he can.  Blade just wants to kill them.  The other Avengers fall somewhere between these two extremes.

And then the Legion of the Unliving do something to the young Ghost Rider that is sure to pay off down the road.

OK, so, why didn’t I like this one very much?  I like Aaron’s work for the most part, and this book isn’t bad, but it also didn’t seem to add much to the series.  We’ve seen these Avengers dealing with some kind of global political situation.  But then we have vampires running around.  Aside from the leaders of the aforementioned Legion, they seem to exist just for the Avengers to mow down.  That isn’t as much fun as I expect from Aaron.

In fact, the volume felt like filler.  There were only five issues collected here, and the best was the first.  Only that one was an origin story for another one of the prehistoric Avengers.  In this case, it’s the first Iron Fist.  Blade isn’t a very good fit for the Avengers.  Most of the team seemed superfluous here.  And the Legion of the Unliving were largely devoid of individual personality.  Dracula himself seems to have an arc, and it’s never a good idea to underestimate the good count, but really, this one was over too quickly.

Also, I am way behind on Aaron’s Thor run, and I would really like to know when he got a talking dog of his very own.

7.5 out of 10 highways in hell.

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