Voltron: Legendary Defender “Rebirth”

So, what came down to the Balmera’s surface at the end of the previous episode?  If you guessed a Robeast, you are of course right.

And this one has, like, octopus arms and stuff like that there.  But by now, the Paladins have already beaten one of these things before with that sword and shield combination.  That sound work again, right?

That would imply whoever makes these things is an idiot.  Of course they learn from previous encounters.  This one has laser eyes.  Oh, and the body is more or less covered with eyes so it can see in all kinds of directions.  You can’t really sneak up on it.  And since the Balmera is hurting, that means Voltron has to be extra careful not to hit the surface.

Actually, scratch that:  the Balmera isn’t hurting.  It’s dying.  Allura’s castle can hit the monster, but it hits back harder, and the castle is the best way to evacuate the natives.  As such, Shiro has something like a plan:  the Paladins don’t have to beat the monster.  They just need to keep it busy, and five flying lions work better that way than one giant robot.

Now, that plan might be working up to a point.  The different lions can hit the monster but not enough to stop it and mostly they need to dodge, and after some minor resistance before Allura gives what sounded to me like a so-so speech about standing up to evil that somehow works (mostly because this is a twenty-two minute kids show), the Balmerans are evacuating…until the Balmera breaks down enough that they can’t.  Now, Allura can maybe cure the Balmera with some special ceremony because she has, like, princess powers or something, but that means Shiro needs a new plan.

Yeah, now they have to defeat the monster.

So, how?  Keith’s sword didn’t work.  Lance and Pidge aren’t really coming up with ideas.  But Hunk?  Hunk thinks his own special weapon might be the key because his lion told him so, and that is how Keith learned about the sword thingee.  What does Hunk’s special weapon do?  Looks like a shoulder-mounted multi-rocket missile launcher.

Yeah, that works.

Mostly.  After the Paladins check on Allura (she’s kinda unconscious), the Robeast gets up again and…gets encased in crystal because the Balmera is healed and can save itself now, thank you very much.

So, let’s review:  living planets and princess powers save the day after robot lions tell their pilots about special weapons the pilots didn’t know about before.

When you say it that way, it sure sounds a lot more silly.

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