Podcast Reaction: Thanking Watson Edition

This week on the podcast, the Geek talked about Rocketman and another musical Rushmore.  What is their obsession with arguing over Rushmores?

Regardless, I have my thoughts on Rocketman posted elsewhere.  But I want to cover other things this time.

You know, I don’t really know what to say about musical solo acts.  I’ve said before my tinnitus hasn’t always made musical appreciation something I do much of.  It’s really a personal blind spot.  And those rules were a confusing mess.  It seemed like it was open to anyone since the invention of the phonograph.

I’m almost surprised this guy didn’t show up anywhere. He’s at least as eligible as those Broadway guys Ryan kept naming.

Instead, I want to take some time out to thank Watson.

Why?  If I want to give a flip answer, I’ll quote stand-up comedian Dave Attell,  I have a CD of his stand-up, Skanks for the Memories, and he has a line in there I like.  “You ever pick on someone so much you think you should thank them for the good times you’ve had?”

But that’s not what prompted this post.  No, Watson wasn’t that happy with this episode for some reason, but it’s Watson so he might have just been taking shots at Jenny and Ryan for other reasons.

Now, part way through the show, Watson predicted that even I stopped listening, and he said I don’t have anything to else to do anyway.  And, the thing is, he isn’t wrong.

See, I haven’t said anything here, but my wife moved out of our shared apartment Thanksgiving weekend of 2015.  Our divorce should hopefully be finalized soon.  It’s not something I speak of much to many people.  I have friends who ask, family I keep up to date, and that’s about it.  Of course, I still refer to my ex-wife in many posts and articles since then as my wife because, well, the divorce was never final.

By the by, the split was largely amicable.  Divorce still isn’t cheap in my current state of residence, even for a No Fault sort of thing.

But one of the things that have kept me more or less doing, well, anything, was posting here.  There’s a reason I post as often as I do.  It’s something to keep my occupied.  I am, by and large, a quiet homebody.  I like reading and going to the movies, and a few other things that, well, aren’t very exciting.

However, after my ex moved out, one of my first actions was to actually travel to Austin and meet the Geeks around Christmas of that year.  The Geeks were good to me.  Considering the time of year, I am grateful that they were all able to give me at least a little time.  Ryan had a trip, so he wasn’t there as much.  Jenny showed me around Austin and took me out for some damn good cheeseburgers.  And Watson?  Well, Watson is the reason I even met the Geeks.

That includes Jimmy.  I’ve never been in the same room as Jimmy Impossible (an alias for his actual name Jerry Improbable).

I’ve known Watson for the better part of twenty years.  We met on the DC message boards, moved on to other ones with people we knew, and eventually, Watson name dropped me on the first episode of the Podcast.  Who was I there?  He said I would be the one person to listen to the whole thing.

And then I started writing in, and Watson eventually invited me to the group and here we are.

The point is, while Watson can be crude, and has often said things about how much I suck (or other stronger words I won’t type here), he’s a damn good friend.  Yes, he is the guy who, when I post about a blood donation I made, would post a gif of blood pouring out of an elevator in a rather famous horror movie.  Yes, he is the guy who never met a dick or The Herb joke he never failed to make.  And yes, he revels in the fact he’s somehow the Gabbing Geek Designated Perv.  But he’s also a damn good listener.

I don’t have too many divorced friends.  Most of the ones I do have aren’t folks I get to speak to very often.  And way too many of my married friends seem to have ideas on what I should or should not be doing to my ex-wfie.  But Watson?  He’s listener who doesn’t judge.  He offers advice when asked.  And he’s a shoulder to lean on.

We could all use friends like William Watson.

Watson’s ideal thank you.

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