Doctor Who “The Time Monster Part 6”

So, how exactly did Atlantis get destroyed?  Is it the Master’s fault somehow?

You’re damn right it is.  That guy just can’t leave well enough alone.

See, Jo and some guy were trapped in the labyrinth with the Minotaur.  The Doctor manages to get in and use his cape as a bullfighting prop to save Jo.   The other guy promptly dies trying to help.  The Minotaur is killed doing what it loved best:  charging blindly at people.  And in the act, the Doctor finds the real crystal of Kronos.  That’s something that no one must ever get their hands on.

Cue Krasis getting his hands on it on behalf of the Master.

Because the Master never learns.

As it is, locking the Doctor and Jo up doesn’t mean much if they toss the recently deposed King Dalios in as well, especially if the king promptly dies.  And as much as Queen Galleia approves of power for herself, she doesn’t approve of the Master treating her like a servant or news that Dalios is dead.  Were they married or something?  I am not sure it was ever clarified.  However, the Master decides to show off his power by releasing Kronos to do the Master’s bidding.  Instead, Kronos destroys Atlantis, forcing the Master to take Jo hostage and make a run for it in his own TARDIS.  The Doctor, released from his own bonds by a repentant Galleia, follows.  He has one trick left up his sleeve to stop the Master, even if it means mutually assured destruction.


Do I need to spell that out?  Probably not.

So, will the Master surrender Jo and come along quietly, or will he assume that the Doctor cannot be so noble as to endanger himself and Ms. Grant?

I’ll take the second option.

I should.  I’ve seen the episode.

As it is, yes, TIME RAM happens and…no one dies.  Jo wakes up first, finds the Master out cold, steps outside the Master’s TARDIS into some weird void and sees the Doctor’s TARDIS parked nearby.  She goes over, rouses the Doctor, and when the two come out, the Face of Kronos appears behind them…as a human woman.  And a grateful one at that for letting her out.  She’s willing to let Jo and the Doctor go, but the Master has to suffer for trying to make her a slave.  And the Doctor basically asks she not do that, but she does then let the Master escape again because he was free to go, not free to go with the Doctor.

As it is, that means the Doctor and Jo can go back to where Stuart and Dr. Ruth are finally fixing TOMTIT enough to stop the time freeze of the Brigadier.  And then TOMTIT explodes, the Brigadier comes in, and Sergeant Benton is no longer a baby.  He did misplace his uniform so…well, that was a wacky way to end an episode that featured the large scale destruction of an ancient city-state.

Coming up next:  a serial I’ve been waiting for for quite some time.


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