Voltron: Legendary Defender “Taking Flight”

Well, this episode didn’t seem to have too much going on.

To be fair, this is a show aimed at someone probably a quarter of my age, so I don’t exactly have room to complain.

As it is, this episode might as well be titled “Lance screws up many times.”

How does Lance screw up?  Well, he comes out of the healing bath, and he doesn’t remember helping Keith in the last episode, so that’s just jackass behavior.

But it is finally time for the castle to become a rocket ship and blast off into space.  Lance didn’t know it did that.  Also, if you thought the natives on this planet were important supporting characters…guess again.  They don’t go anywhere.

Ah, and Pidge decides to come clean about her gender to the exact surprise of…just Lance.  Everyone else knew.  So, Lance screws up again.

And then en route to help the people Hunk promised to help, there’s a distress call from two folks and a robot.  These guys claim to be rebels fighting the Galra, so naturally Allura decides to help them.  And one is female.  And Lance takes to flirting hard.

To be fair, Pidge is initially pretty enamored with the robot, and the others all seem to think these rebels are on the level except for Hunk.  So, really, when the female manages to get Lance to take her for a joy ride in the Blue Lion, it all ends when she cuffs him to a tree, revealing that the pair are really bounty hunters trying to capture one or all of the Voltron lions.  That leads to a chase, a call to the Galra that doesn’t seem to lead anywhere just yet, and eventually the Blue Lion is resecured without too much trouble.  And they probably cut Lance free from that tree.

As it is, the two bounty hunters are glad to be taken alive and wish the Paladins well while the Galra seem to be brewing some sort of monster…

By the by, methinks next week, I’ll have something different in this slot, so I’m skipping a Voltron week for…something else.

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