The Gabbing Geek Action Movie Hero Tournament: Round Three

Well, the 16 original action heroes have been whittled down to a final four.  Who will the Geeks choose to go on to the finals?

Check Round One’s post for the rules I gave myself for picking heroes and whatnot.

Many Actors

So, the idea here was the hero in question has been played on the big screen by multiple actors with various levels of success.  Can a man with a License to Kill win over more hearts than a Caped Crusader?

James Bond



The Result

Yeah, the Geeks love Batman.  Halbrook alone voted for 007, so Batman moves on to the final round by a 5-1 vote.

One True Performer

While Bond and Batman have been played by many actors, then we have two who have only really been played by one actor.  True, one of them is fairly new, but can you imagine either of them being played by anyone else?  It would be a bit rough.

John Wick


Ellen Ripley

The Result

Wick in a walk.  None of the Geeks have voted against John Wick in any round.  Is it recency bias?  Possibly.

How They Voted

[table id=4 /]

So, we’re down to the last round,  Will anyone vote against John Wick?  Do we love Batman that much?  Come back soon and find out.


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