Doctor Who “The Sea Devils Part 6”

This episode opens with the Doctor, Jo, Captain Hart, and the officious idiot minister getting themselves captured by the Sea Devils after the Doctor tries to karate chop his way to freedom.  His life is spared only by the Master, and the Master wonders aloud whether or not the Doctor will ever learn.

Dude, the Master is, like, 0 for 4 so far.  The Doctor isn’t the one who isn’t learning.

Case in point, the Master needs the Doctor to finish his machine to wake up lizard people worldwide.  So, once again, for a guy called the Master, he sure does get pwned an awful lot.

Huh.  “Pwned” does not get flagged by my Internet browser’s automatic spellcheck…

But how does he get pwned this time?  Well, the Doctor doesn’t quite fix the machine as needed.  So, while Jo manages to slip out of a ceiling vent in the room she, Hart, and the civilian moron are being held in, the Doctor flips a switch that, instead of waking up lizard people, sends out a high pitched squeal that hurts them.  That allows Jo to free Hart (the minister decides to hide because of course he does), and then those make a run for it, grab a hovercraft, and come back with reinforcements.  And for once, we see humans who know how to aim in this serial.  Sea Devils aren’t bulletproof, but the Doctor sees the Master attempt an escape on a jet ski, and since Jon Pertwee likes all kinds of things with engines, that led to a jet ski chase.

Jet ski chase!  Woo!

And then it turns out the jet ski chase was just a trick to get the Doctor captured, taking both the Doctor and the Master down to the Sea Devils’ base to finish the machine, hooked up this time to the Sea Devils’ own power source.  And when that seems to be finished, the head Devil–who isn’t named Satan–orders both the Doctor and the Master be locked up in a cell.

Man, the Master was so surprised.  Who knew that a genocidal race of lizard people might not be so kind to someone who certainly looks human  once said genocidal lizard people got what they wanted?

Anyway, since the Master hasn’t been pwned hard enough, and that cowardly minister hasn’t been awful enough, the Doctor has–for the second time this episode–rigged that machine to do the opposite of what the Sea Devils want in that it’s going to overload the base’s power system and explode, and if the Sea Devils even manage to figure that much out, it has a self-destruct that will explode anyway.  And the Doctor still has his sonic screwdriver and some diving suits left behind by the submarine crew, so he already had an escape plan figured.  And that’s a good thing because that cowardly minister guy is getting ready to hit that base with a nuclear strike.

But hey, the Sea Devils’ base exploded before that could happen, the Doctor and Master both float to the surface, and the Master uses his hypnosis and gifts for disguise to fake his own death and escape in a stolen hovercraft, which makes me think two things.

  1.  The Master’s only real gift is escape, and
  2.   I kinda want my own hovercraft right about now…


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